Annie needed an adventure…the threat of sunshine and the Jurassic coast with Jilly Flower…let’s do it..

The merry month of May had turned out not to be any more merry than April….my motto might be..”life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but about learning to dance in the rain”….but enough….dancing in the rain is well cracked, I now want to limbo in the sun.OMG Rufus get your paws tidied the sun is out and the Purbecks are begging to be conquered.

Ahoy there sailor…water water everywhere but not a drop….

The ferry from Sandbanks takes a few minutes which is disappointing for some as there is a naturist beach just to the left….no pictures available!

Cycling, kayaking, walking…this Isle is buzzing with people doing, doing, doing… turn now.  Twenty minutes later Kelly, Annie and Jill were on track from The Square and Compass pub at Worth Matravers, famed for their ukele festival (no thanks).

The Jurassic coast, noted for fossils, dinosaur and more

With an England Hockey player and a PE Teacher, Kelly surely no more than 16 years old, as companions it was clear Annie was going to struggle to be King of the Hill today…..or was she…

England 0 – Annie 1 …. now for Kelly

The coastal sections are pretty hilly, luckily the night out on the tiles had not yet taken place so with clear heads and athletic bodies…..ummm well….the team made good progress.

Nunan looking like a reclusive film star who rates herself a bit too highly, Thompson looking a little…well tired LOL

Kayaks, sailboats and windsurfers were out in abundance, my picture seems to have missed all of them, next trip planned is deffo boats, last shot of the sea and inland it was..

Arriving at the obligatory  Clavells tea rooms at Kimmeridge Annie remembered her body was a temple, the athletes both had fully loaded cream teas…ok ok..I snuck a pint of cider.

Kimmeridge home of the monster cream tea..

A bit of blue sky thinking…

I suspect this would not have been as fab if the sun had not been shining but it was so a great little 15 mile circular.  Could not recommend this area more – go on – about three hours drive from London….amazing.

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