Its all about white ankles – Glaisedale to Robin Hood’s Bay

Day 13 beckons and it’s another sunny one…the team have their pebbles ready to throw into the North Sea, they picked them up on the beach of the Irish sea, Annie forgot hers…twit, but then Bodge and Camilla forgot to throw them in anyway so all a waste of time really.

I hate the North Yorkshire moor’s devilish cinder track which seems to have filled all the fresh water with horrid oily stuff, I felt very sick indeed this morning….but….Camilla feels sorry for me so I think it will be a two sausage breakfast, yum. 

Oily moor water, I feel sick

A bit of a drink at the Arncliffe Arms in Glaisedale meant the team did not leave on schedule, they hit the track at 09.45…this was largely due to a mix up on the bill, apparently the campers who had misdirected us the day before had left their double JD on our bill!!!!  Ummmm I will have barks with them later.

I am promised babblers all day today so grand news for swimming, more so than I thought as Bodge pulled a fast one and made me slip into a very deep river, woof back at ya Bodge I can swim as it happens, bit of a shock tho’…

Cream teas missed I take a swim

Cream teas at Midge Hall, several other four leggers there, all of us shoved out of the kitchen and tied to our benches, how dull is that.  Camilla pushed a full cream tea down without a crumb being thrown in my direction, no matter Midge is right next to one of the biggest waterfalls you can see in Yorkshire, Falling Fosse, so I had plenty more swimming to do. 

We strode on across Sleight moor, getting lost along the way, well done Camilla a consistent approach is to be admired.  Picnic beckoned at 16.00 hrs as folk were hungry, AND SO WAS I, steak pie for me – delicious.  Another four miles to go across a bit of a bog and then across the coastal path and we were there.  Robin Hood’s Bay, toes in the sea, Wainwright’s bar and a huge fish and chip supper for them, go team yeah….nothing for me!

We met up with lots of fellow walkers at the Bay, photos to follow, all very exciting, bark bark.  I was a bit tearful as two of our walking companions did not meet up with us at Robin Hood’s bay, Nurse Betty and Nurse Neoprene who were fundraising for the Alzheimer’s society.  I used to bark to show them the way….they thought I was very handsome, good luck girls!  (Update they wrote and told me how sorry they were and that they were very sad to have missed me!)

We made blisters

Well that was that, ummm, except they needed to celebrate so we all taxied to Whitby what luxury. Did they go to look at and admire the James Cook museum ?  Perhaps a stroll to the marina?  Even a visit to the Dracula museum?  …No, the chosen venue was a vile Karoke bar instead, those beer bellied chaps with trouser topping undercrackers made an appearance again, had the Epsom Derby crowd moved up here?  Dear goodness I want to go home now…

Its all about cinder – Clay Bank to Glaisdale

Cracking hols so far, though I seem to have forgotten to have told you how handsome I am recently, look at the pictures work it out…I am. 

Striding the tiles – hot day

The day started at about 9.05, (Annie thinks .05 is an about….) and it became clear that I am becoming a bit of a brand, well hey if the Herdy  crowd can do it I can….everyone knows me and to know me is to love me.

The views were not great for pics but pretty awesome for walking….we also saw an adder…not a very big one…

Adder on the road from the pub

The team walked for miles along a disused railway that ferried Jet and other mined material across the moors, the cinder bed still prevalent, great for the sole but apalling for dust all over one’s fur.   The team covered nine miles in under three hours, good news with arriva at the historic pub. the Lion at Blakey Moor.   Great spot for lunch…..I chowed down on leftovers strewn all over the floor….bored with writing now….Camilla help me out I am tired of writing…

Another superb day on Alfred’s walk, my second C2C.  A highlight for me today was meeting a chap that had actually bound Wainwright’s books; had met him and could tell me tales about him.  Wainwright is not about walking but more a philosophy, a philosophy I understand…

Tired now more tomorrow.

Its all about roller coasters – Osmotherly to Clay Bank

Hills hills and hills, all lovely

Yesterday was a tad dull but the team enjoyed the challenge of 25 miles, they are berks. 

 All good today, weather aweseome, as Camilla has advised us all that we have a short 11 miler on the flat, brilliant, this is when they usually tuck into big picnics, snaffler at the ready. 

 It seemed to  start well, actually not really…the team walked straight out of town and back onto the Cleveland way, (100 mile walk that intersects the C2C), marching into the forest they passed some other walkers, clearly doing the East to West route, nutters the team  muttered under their breath, Camilla strode on confident, oh dear…..the forest ended in a huge pile of felled trees no path to follow, why had those fellow travellers not alerted anyone … Muttley is shocked. 

It got worse, the flat was clearly not going to be flat as we commenced with an inclinethat had a warning – 1 in 5 – oh dear this did not seem right.  The Millster may have got things confused, AGAIN.  Bodge did a quick check of the guide book apparently the day was filled with roller coaster hills not quite the “flat day” that was anticipated.  Bodge commented that the mileage was closer to a fine 17 miles than the promised 11.  Oh dear.  Happiness filled me as I heard there was a cafe stop on the way, always good pickings to be had…heh heh heh.

Hills are not that hard so having a dance in the grass

We strode on, beautiful day.  We met a lot of older walkers, some who had not been up here for twenty years or mores and wanted a final visit, they all knew so much, weather, good routes, knowledge of the area quite awe inspiring, actually I could not care less but then I am a dog and a pretty handsome one at that. 

We reached summit two or three and met Melanie and David, Camilla had recognised the route again apparently, oh dear thought I, she advised them with confidence that we were now on the flat, weird as we had not yet me the Wainstones….ah not to worry we turned the corner and there they were…..

The final hill on the walk

 Yes that is Annie on the hill that Camilla said did not exist. …actually it was brilliant walking.

Guest writer here.

 A great day, longer and harder than we had thought, we met the fellow travellers who had not told us we had gone wrong the day before – it was clear they were nerdy campers who carried Nasa certified grub with them so that they were self sufficient, so  much so they did not worry about fellow travellers.

Today was what all our walking was about, strong legs, great weather, great views all fantastic, missing family but knowing why we are doing this…’cos it is fun…

Its all about the miles, 25 of them! – Richmond to Osmotherley

I am a handsome dog, however, Camilla and the Team seem to have forgotten that to retain such looks I need to be pampered.  Well really….leaving Richmond in claggy (cloudy – northern word) weather, we swamped through horrendously clarty (muddy – northern word) fields, my paws were a disgrace.  Not to worry the mud was soon washed off when I found the fast running falls of the Swale.  The team quietly let me know it was to be a 25 miler, all on the flat with nothing much to look at, chase or climb.  Hot humid and all a bit disappointing, I was hoping for a grand picnic stop to make up for things…it didn’t happen.

I don’t really want to say much more the route was somewhat dull..I got half an award winning pork pie and that was that.  Dull dull dull.  Over to guest writer..

Mud puddles to make an interesting day....dull dull dull

Guest writer here.  The route from Richmond to Osmotherly is flat and Rufus is right the start is very muddy and the whole day was filled with farms who host some of the smelliest beasts around.  Barbed wire is preferred to stiles and the vast fields filled with Barley, Rape Seed and Corn seemed to host every nasty critter known to man, we got stung….and the crew were not happy.

We had a quick pit stop at Danby Wiske, great name but a dull town, pub was not one to write home about.  A few walkers were staying here, a mistake in our view, though it made a shorter walk it would make the next day a dull one. 

We marched on across a main road and a high speed railway line to Ingelby Cross where the remainder of the walkers were staying….not us we had a further five miles straight uphill onto the Cleveland way and then downhill mostly through a muddy forest…..Osmotherly appeared like an oasis before us and pints of lager were pulled and drunk within five minutes of arrival.  A lovely town but too tired to enjoy though happy at achieving a 25 mile day with no blisters – blissful bed at 10 pm.

Sheer luxury - a pub, football and everything

Its all about hangovers – Reeth to Richmond

Oh dear goodness, the team this morning do not look like the finely honed athletes they purport to be, it has all gone terribly wrong.  The disheveled hair, the downcast expressions, the grimace when there is noise, they keep saying Jaegermeister under their breath….serves them right for putting me in the outhouse – ha.

A little the worse for wear Rufus says no to the picture

However, it is another sunny day and apparently we have a nice short walk, we start later than usual, still get a single sausage for breakfast, I am starving, no scraps worth snaffling at the pub last night, it is not fair.  The walk is very similar to yesterday it seems, beautiful buttercup meadows…blah blah blah, but we do at least have a few close encounters with some tough cows and sheep, bark bark.  Annie’s friend Melanie did not like the cows so I tried to make sure they knew we would deal with them if they pushed too hard… 

On the road to nowhere - a very relaxing day

Up hill and dale, amazingly we pass our fellow travllers again, no idea how as we are certainly not pacey.  All got a bit fretful as Camilla appeared to remember this part of the route, oh dear will they be marching off piste again.   Hey ho picnic time, what no pie, grrrrr this gets worse and worse, do they know I climbed 375 steps at the priory earlier today, I AM HUNGRY. 

Alex and his dad, C2C ers who are raising funds for a charity see the page, have now confirmed that Bodge is allowed to join their team as he is a legend, hangover be damned he has a pint of fosters for his lunch…well done Bodge. 

By 2.30 we are in Richmond, quick ice cream, quick pint for Bodge who is feeling rather unwell and the girls have gone shopping for tomorrow’s picnic, don’t forget me I bark after them.  I have it on good authority I am getting a pork pie!  Hurrah. 

I know I am handsome, enough of me now?

Team dinner in town tonight to celebrate getting through the day, I am hopeful.

OK so we are in Richmond now and looking for a pub that will serve dogs, all right you know I didn’t quite mean that!  Guess what those that do you would not want to eat in, at least I wouldn’t, and those that don’t we can’t, rubbish.  Hang on Annie just spotted a soldier from Catterick, he is taking us up to the Holly Hill pub in his grand BMW.  The girls spotted a box with the logo Magnum on it, oh dear is it a gun?  No silly a pair of boots.  Grrrrr they don’t serve food on a Monday at Holly Hill and would not serve us because of me apparently…taxi back to Richmond, straight into the Turf, not allowed in the nice bit and the other bit is like a working mens club gone wrong, Camilla you can do better than this.  Not giving up a nice older chap points us in the direction of the Bistro at The Black Lion.  Boooyakker we found a place to eat and it has Wi fi, fine wine, risotto and great staff.  Richmond you are forgiven.  Now Camilla don’t let me down, pass me a sausage.

Its all about goals – Keld to Reeth

Well I have no idea what I did wrong yesterday but I was put in an outhouse last night, not for an hour or two but for the whole night.  A truly horrid experience, so I barked and howled as loudly as I could but to no avail.  Not sure what my tactics should be today good behaviour or protest behaviour, lets see how it pans out…hrrrmph. 

Turns out that Glenda, our host at Pry Farm, was witty charming and created the best Full English yet, shame she wouldn’t let me inside…but Camilla said her house was so clean and tidy that my muddy paws might make a mess.

The team supped at the Keld Lodge, having had a lift down the road with Glenda, Camilla and I shoved into the boot of a Freelander, we got the best views of the Dales though.  The reports of the food sounded grand but there was a bit of a fuss from Camilla about the cheesecake (which wasn’t one) , she even left some and did not give it to me, saying…  “it wasn’t good enough for you Rufus”.

The walk through Swaledale was perfect for lolopping around in the buttercups. The wild flower meadows and valleys don’t come much prettier than these.  Tonnes of opportunities for me to take a splosh in the river and pose for my five thousand and first “Rufus lying in the river” shot, well I am very handsome so no worries there. 

The short/long road to Reeth

Hang on, lolloping and picture taking come to an abrupt halt as the team, having stopped for a Bodge (aka beer) at the pub in Gunnerside realised there were six miles left, a kick off with Germany and not enough time….good lord they can travel when they bother.

Phew we arrived, what a cracking day, stunning Yorkshire Dale scenary and all safely on time at the Black Bull, pints of Black Sheep all round please, hang on again, where is mine?  PS I did get a sausage for breakfast but nothing at all on the run from Keld to Reeth, really this is a bit unfair.  I cannot bring myself to write about the match or the carnage that ensued….best song indeed.

Guest writer here…The walk was easy, fairly short but fast, absolutely stunning in places so a shame to rush but football wouldn’t wait.  The match was a fiasco swiftly followed by an over indulgence in local ale, pool and a series of “this is the best song ever made” statements by Bodgster at the arrival of every new disk.  Annie potted a total of two balls and one of those was a white so she will not be joining the team in the future.  Anyway a 2 am finish for us, with an early start for Richmond possibly having been sabotaged…. a great day and a great night, shared with fellow C2C ers

It started early…Bodge with pint on Reeth green.

Swifty before the match

Its all about Cairns – Kirkby Stephen to Keld

The Jolly Farmer was a nice enough pad for a dog but without a bar and all our new walker friends it seems quiet….but not for long.  Over to guest writer now as I am fatigued.

Guest writer here…Kirkby Stephen is a metropolis after all the fells and farms left behind and Friday night was fish and chip night at the Black Bull ….. delicious, all washed down with Theakstons’ cracking Black Sheep ale.

Back on the trail and another long uphill climb to Nine Standards Rigg with a near 360 degree panorama towards the Lakes, Pennines and the Howgills, though the view to the Lakes was a little hazy due to the tropical conditions!!  Tonnes of dry stones cairns built no one knows when and no one knows who by…great views though.

Great views - long walk up

Over the top, all soft, velvety walking and down to what’s left of shepherd’s hut for our picnic, or Bodge’s Bar, as it widely becoming known and Rufus gets his half pork pie. 

Dropping down through Raven Seat and past the tempting scones and cream at the farm, the scenery softens in anticipations of tomorrow’s River Swale amble to Reeth. 

Raven Seat farm site of the best scones in Yorkshire surrounded by buttercups, footpath to Tan Hill, and a great vista of the hills.

Raven Seat Farm - scones, I got none....

The hen house for the eggs laid by the “happiest hens around” is a magnificent stone building, see pic!

Free range hens with a house the likes of which you have never seen

Not the most exciting scenary or the most difficult walking but another great day, 11 miles covered, pace average to good, enjoyment 100%.

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