London 2012 to “Inspire a generation” pah. Annie was inspired to sit on her bum: in a stadium, in a park, on the sofa, by the road….

Road race (yes race not rage), Hockey, Athletics and even Handball (the French won – not ideal), Snow Patrol, the Stereophonics, Paulo Nuttini and yes Duran Duran (Le Bon still in tight white jeans).  Was this the best two weeks of my life – well I didn’t see the Spice Girls or Boris out-discoing Cameron but yes I think it was.

A glorious day at the stadium – marshmallows at the ready

The coverage was immense but not sure that the pictures of the Olympic Park have done justice to the gardeners involved, yes you heard me…a little Blake to sum it up.

To see a world in a grain of sand
and a heaven in a wild flower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour

Waterpolo and just a few blooms

But it was not all about the park, a picnic by the side of the road with bro’ to get just a little bit too close to the cyclists….A Million spectators and Annie was lucky enough to be one of them.

Life threatening experience by the         road-side

Ummm not the brightest idea to attempt to drive to Box Hill but Mothy enjoyed the 2 mile walk in his flip flops….I think?

Glorious colours and the sun never stopped….Handball here we come…

The volunteers were awsome, even giving me some free corp’ tickets for the handball finals.  Yee ha.  Had to sit in the French Quarter (lots of garlic).

Purportedly the biggest McDonalds in the world – loved the brollies – hate the grub.

Love the fact that the glorious and inspiring Mo has dedicated his twin golds to his new twin daughters…but the biggest roar of the day together with standing ovation went to Sarah Attar from Saudi Arabia.

Mo Farah – tricky heat but wow.

…and finally…yes I bought an Olympic inspired twin set without pearls.  Pink and Purple setting me off in the smaller than expected but none-the-less magnificent stadium.

My Olympics was all I expected and perhaps a little bit more.  Bring on the Paralympics I cannot wait.

Stunning seats in a stunning stadium. Lucky lucky me.

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