The rain in Spain falls mostly on the plain….so I visited the mountains of the North….mistake

Ummm well it turns out that statement is from “My Fair Lady” and is rubbish, the rain in Spain actually falls in the mountains of the North…which of course is where my walking adventure took me.  Damn and blast.

A little sun on the hills above Sabero, a village with old fashioned traditions and great tapas…

Back in her own village Mar took on the persona of a diva, not sure whether it was Julie Andrews or Meryl Streep but a diva she was.

The hills are alive…or I remember Africa….

Sabero is great, a town where you can still hear the toot toot of the knife-sharpening man, or the tra-la-la of the baker, or even the whoop whoop whoop of the Nunan just given another plate-full of tapas…yum.

Possibly the most fattening dish on the planet. Black pudding, pork belly, chorizo and Fabada beans….Mar really!

But mostly we were here for the hills and in particular the Cares Gorge in the Picos des Europa – a fantastic 24k stride along a disused hydro maintenance track.  One mistake which certainly took our breath away but was close to taking my life as well!  Totally brilliant and I learnt what peligroso meant….yes…dangerous.  The gorge is a purported mile deep in places, wow.

We opted not to take the above route….wise, very wise…

Jaysus now that was not in the plan a wrong turn down a closed route with no one and nothing but rough shale and goats….ouch

Talking of goats I could not resist this little guy lurching about on the hill-tops above the gorge.

Easy tiger these hills are not for the feint hearted…

I have not even begun to mention the deeply historic but also deeply damp Covadonga, with an upgraded room and more fab restaurants the mellow mist just added to the atmosphere.  A visit is a must.

I could get religious….

I am not a long time fan of Spain and had no idea about the walking, the glorious food, the hospitality, the lush countryside (rain), I have a million more pictures and a million more memories and yet again say just do it,  jump on an Easy Jet or a Ryan Air the Euro is low and the travel is cheap but worth every cent and perhaps a little more.

The dam that drowned Riano but what a view

Another snap of me….well why not…


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