Winter into Spring into Summer – biking, hiking and a whole lot more…

Early March and oh dear, Mr Fitness was back in town, Annie had the fear!  The forecast was sheet rain with a touch of frost – lets get the mountain bikes out then!  What.  Off to Bewl for a 13 Mile off roader.  Good grief are you sure?  Hee hee, Mothy took two monster tumbles due to his bike having the wrong tyres …. ya right…

Mud glorious mud

Moving into March the weather took a turn for the better, Mothy went back to Qatar so Annie had a leisurely 13.7 stride out on the Ridgeway, Daffodiltastic time of year.

Still missing the big hills, the call of the Lakes is getting stronger and stronger…..but then Harry the hound got in touch and invited Annie for a not to be missed walk around Guildford, ummm it all seemed rather familiar but the weather made up for the lack of contours.

Harry and his boots - stride out for Britain

OMG a boat being driven by a dog...

Yet another walk on the North Downs / South Downs – I am getting the downs… really is time to get away to somewhere else entirely.  Annie tried to escape by running up the sandy hills but was thwarted by a team of ten year olds sand bombing her.  Not good, not good at all.

Rufus is tired of the walks of the South East in spite of the glorious weather.  Watch this space for some tales of outstanding grit and graft on the bigger hills of the North.

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