London life a bit intense? 13.5 mile Wendover Circular and Rumsey’s Chocolaterie would sort that…

A week in Birmingham, multiple 5k ergos, a late night in London town and a dinner party in the ‘oaks…..time for a tramp in the Chilterns was no longer an option but a necessity, not least to support the communities that are about to be hit by HS2.  The stride was designed by Sharon so no online options but this link will offer a pretty good alternative Wendover Circular.

A view from the Ridgeway - stop HS2

Last time Annie and Rufus hit Tring younger brother Tim was busy browning up, awesome achievement even if it is not a sport that rocks your boat and posted here as a mere homage….

My brother, total committment sport - madness and perhaps not your scene but wow ...

Apparently not a team to worry too much about their bodies being temples, titter, a snack break, followed by a lunch break, followed by the famed Cafe’ in the Woods….hold on Rumsey’s was also on the plan?  Annie stuck to her apples and even Duncan snorted with disdain.

Crisps, sandwiches, cakes, chocolate....good Lord its only a few miles

Yet another walk with no shock-horror, hysteria, LOL, navigational trauma or anything other than glorious countryside.  I say it again and again but use online resources to get a walk if you are not great at plans and maps, but boots on, picnics made and Barbours buttoned is a must this Spring.

Just for the record – Rumsey’s was visited and guess what – it serves mulled wine!!

Mulled wine and chocolate cake, great combo

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