Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow – a 10 miler around Audley End got the vote….or did it?

-18 C in parts of Britain –  icy roads, snowy fields, roads and public transport a shambles, sounds like time to get boots on, thermals sorted and furry hats at the ready – Essex here I come.

Grizzle took a snow check and Rufus was not invited so it was Annie, the Polo and the M25/M11 off to Newport (Essex) for a winter stride to Audley End, or so I thought.  No trains, no buses, no information – the railways of our great nation fail again.  But for the snow, the rescue plan walk would have been a fairly uninspiring circular around Bishop’s Stortford instead, will a winter walk ever go to plan?

Thumbs up for a walk rescued from the jaws of being defeated by the hopeless rail services of our great land

Striding out of Bishop’s Stortford station, staff advising it was “like a magical mystery tour on the trains today”, (no Costa, no Starbucks, even the trains were few and far between), along the Hertfordshire Way the team strode fearlessly on with a collection of “designer” outfits chosen to fend off the sub-zero conditions and icy ankles that seemed probable.

Yes indeed, the orange wooly gaiter, a few Sherlock Holmes tweed hats, Barbours and a set of Hunters, we British know how to dress for the cold

Snow angels, snow balls, and snow men made the day and so the walk was gorgeous, however, Annie is not convinced that the landscape would have much to say in the middle of summer.

Annie getting down with the angels

Marching back into Bishop’s Stortford after a fine 10 mile stretcher, good news at last, a tea shop that swept all the prizes and took the top spot in Nicola’s ever changing list of favorites.

Delicious tea rooms - Delicious

With frosty faces and icy toes the Delicious tea shop was more than a welcome sight.  Gunpowder Pearls, Ginger, Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong….and homemade everything, even the Malteser cake and the Eton Mess cake….wow.

Not an awe inspiring tale of derring do, but perhaps getting up and getting out in spite of the weather and the disruptions put in our way will inspire our next great challenge or perhaps not.  Time for the lakes or some mountains I think.

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