More motorway madness as Annie navigates her bicycle back up the M2 – ooops

Saturday emerged all murky and grey, so Annie decided that the planned Sole Street to Rochester 12 miler over the Wealden Way and the North Downs was too tame, easily solved by biking 6 miles to the start instead of hitching the train……not wise.  Who knew the Medway was so hilly, who knew that no-one in Rochester (including the taxi drivers) had ever heard of Sole Street.  These facts combined with a genius for navigation led to…… a 20 mile bike ride which included sections of the M2, Annie starting the walk an hour and twenty minutes behind the team sans map, a very hot red face and the realisation that the Five Peaks challenge was going to be tougher than Annie had ever thought.

Ha ha....yes the lower finger was me the upper finger them. Very funny...

The very thoughtful Clair chalked up instructions for the feckless Annie whose 31st phone call had clearly begun to irritate the nature lovers…  the walk took in Luddesdown, Upper and Lower Bush and a few other Medway villages, not amazing views but the ridgeway of the North Downs down to the Medway was pretty neat.

Annie wondered if they had signed the "wrong way" but just for a moment....

Catching up with the gang after a mere three hours I received a bit of a beating…..deserved…we moved swiftly on to Rochester, full of history and contradiction with a Norman castle, a magnificent cathedral, truly excellent tea rooms on one side and then a miserable modern iteration of the worst kind of High Street on the other.

Rochester - a town of contradiction

A solitary walk due to incompetance so not too many stories to recount, however, Rochester is worth a visit and the walk is worth a day of your time especially if you are up for a cruise.  Next stop Annie leads a walk….OMG

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