Muddy boots swapped for glitter ball earrings and long frocks…for one night only…

Rufus rambled a little less during December and January but with Christmas upon Birthday upon New Year upon Birthday…. the party season has been long, relentless and fun…not quite over but the rambles are back on track regardless…..

Limbering up for the limbo - final party of the season - nope but this dress is staying packed away..

Annie is due to lead a walk in the next few weeks…..oh good Lord….she can barely navigate out of her own drive…so lots of practice has taken place.  First attempt a 9 miler – turned into an 18 miler, second attempt a 10 miler – turned into  a 13 miler….ummmm and so it went on.

A stunning start to the 10 - aka 13 miler

Whilst underfoot was all slip, slide and slither the muddy fields of Kent provided an abundence of outstanding photo ops….not least due to the extra miles tracked…

Eridge and the Old Deer Park showing off winter colours

Pheasants shot just outside Knole Park, glorious not.

Rufus did not do the beating....

The lakes of the Deer Park were stunning, yes another fiasco of navigation but worth the detour.



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