Week 3 of Christmas shenanigans, ouch…..Annie needed a stride…20 mile Knockholt circular…fabulous

Three weeks of Birthday and Christmas events, Annie’s apparent lack of will power (don’t believe it)  and the mulled wine and mince pie fests starting on Monday meant the glorious blue sky,  frosty fields and threatened snow meant it was time to get togged up for a 20 miler.  Broke Hill golf course bereft of golfers looked stunning with the low winter sun breaking across the bunkers.

A little early for the golfers of Broke Hill

The ground, icy underfoot, flew past at pace, with a skid here and there it was a little faster than planned.  What ho’ wellington boots were these walkers mad, skid-slide-grimace-ouch, ummm Annie was not impressed the wellies were winning the battle and the war. (Not sure about the fashion statement though)…

So much for Meindle, Brasher, Salomon and Wengen...Hunter look alikes won the day

As the pace quickened the snow decided to fall, the ice melted and gave way to mud-glorious-mud, you guessed it the wellies continued to be the choice of the day.  Lilia, no need for footwear, loved the snow if not the need for a lead.

I am a shepherd let me near those sheep....please.

The walk, taking us along the shady side of the North Downs and into Downe, the home of some good pubs, an awesome tea shoppe and the home of Charles Darwin, was filled with significant homes, historical sites and views to boot (titter).

Canary Wharf, the Shard and a City of London vista in the distance....deadly

Downe Village - cute as a bug

A quick stop at The Queen’s Head, roaring fire, pints of Bass and plates of chips, (Rufus if only….) and then Annie realised that her Oakley’s had gone MIA at some point over the last 11 Miles.  OMG would she have to revert to her Ray Bans….life was tough.

On almost the shortest day of the year the final 8 miles were done in 2 hours flat, blimey, the sun reappeared, which did not help the rather feeble snowman, but did help our skidding footsteps.

Not sure I will make it to Christmas

No guide to the full 20 but here is a shortened version that might do the trick.  This walk is about 20 miles from central London, a really quick train journey away, it really is worth a crack, we even saw deer, if not a golfer.

Hot off the press, Sunday morning saw Annie retrack her steps and yippee the sunnies were found.

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