Party, party, party…recovery needed….Ruth’s Guildford circular with some fine hounds would sort me out

A week of parties meant that Annie was feeling a little jaded so a Diet Coke night was called for to ensure the Sunday circular was undertaken in style, it was to be a 9 miler around Guildford after all and a hung over Annie would not go down well with the ladies that lunch!

3rd party night meant it was a Diet Coke kind of a Saturday...

Rufus, still playing hard to get, had decamped to Scotland so Annie picked up a glorious collection of mutts for a traipse around the apparently “not muddy” trails of Surrey, which were, of course, muddy.  Ruth really!

With sun forecast Annie packed the Raybans and sun cap, ummmm, well there was no sun, but then rain was also forecast, so Annie packed her water proofs, there was no rain. Hey ho.

Striding out of Guildford station armed with harnessed beasts and Costa Capuccinos (£2.00 to park and an M&S) we broke into ….well an amble actually, striding (aka stepping gingerly – hangover..) along the rather “muddy” canal tracks, half of Guildford clad in Lycra seemed to be either mucking about on the river or jogging up and down its treacherous “muddy” banks.

A murky day on the river....

The fantastic weather of the past weeks had left the colours of Autumn everywhere but Maddie found sufficient leaves for a jolly good roll and being a retriever eating a branch here and there was not out of the question.  Rufus would not have stooped so low.

Woof - my mum doesn't feed me so....

Walking up to St Martha’s church, photo was average so you can take a sticky beak at the array of funghi that lined our walk instead, we conquered two moderate inclines, an average bacon sandwich and a few chips…..ah a cafe en route, Ruth had…. at last….. done well….and then we got lost….the map was at fault…..ya right.

Does my bum look big in this?

Any guesses?

This walk was not too challenging but as ever is thoroughly recommended if a 9 mile amble with a few historic sites, a few pit stops and some really great views is what you are looking for.  The start is a bit urban, the hills not too extreme but a pretty little walk indeed and well worth that trip to Guildford.

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