Monster tough week for Nunan…..respite required…Shropshire, Wiltshire and Cumbria beckoned

2011 continued to bless us with mellow sun and bold blue skies, no excuses let’s go visit pals and places, my muttley friends continue to reject all offers (or snaffle picnics) so Annie and the Polo it is.  First stop Tenbury Wells; Dils, Tinkerbell, Chloe and an Aga, gorgeous.

Tinkerbell was not up for a walk the Aga was far too toasty

Chloe, the most inappropriate name for a mutt bred from Pit Bull, Deer Hound, Grey Hound and other such fierce forebears….very beautiful but doesn’t she know it.

Come on Tinkerbell.

Dils had other fish to fry (literally …. a shoot lunch to which Annie was not invited…the shame), so it was a quick march around the Tenbury Hills and back for coffee and the M6 to Crook / Kendal to visit Ford of Boar’s Rock.

After a few detours around Kendal, a Rioja pick up at the local stores, I made it to dinner with Mo, Clara and Clare.  Lovely.

Saturday arrived with dark clouds, gale force winds and a generally poor demeanour(both me – Rioja – and the weather) oh well.  Mighty Mo, Mountain leader beyond compare thoughtfully asked, “where do you want to walk today Annie….” “Dollywagon Pike would be fantastic”…. smile to myself, another Wainwright to tick off…or so I thought.  “OK let’s go…..we will do Seat Sandal and then Dollywagon but only if the conditions get better….”.  Not happy – not happy at all….I know I was late for supper but really.

Too many prescription drugs in my bod to make this the most joyous ascent but .... loved it when I got there

Boot, shank, shoulder and stride, the rain harsh, the wind fierce, the route was chosen and the summit was there to be taken, no prisoners allowed….ha ha.  Seat Sandal, a steep but small fell was challenging none-the-less.  Ouch the conditions DID NOT improve so no Dolly Wagon….ummmm.  Off to the Red Lion pub in Grasmere to meet some pals then….

Sunday cracked with the wind unleashed, Annie was ready…..for a lie-in.  Mo was having none of it, things-to-do, places-to-go, people-to-meet kind of a day for her.  OK a short sharp one up Scout Scar, one of Wainwright’s outlying fells, and then a race down the Motorway for a swift walk with Beamer.  All good.

I keep saying it but……a great 2011…..whether its the weather…the friends, the landscape or something else entirely it works for me.

Got to love a stout wall

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