A pink bike…..good grief….time for a walk chums…it’s East Grinstead and the Bluebell railway for me.

The excitement of a birthday in the world of Nunans is usually uncontrollable….due to the insane generosity of our awesome mother but this year I was in for a surprise. My usually frugal brothers and sister got together and bought me a stunning new road bike, so RufusRambles may need to become RufusRides but for now what about the walking?

Mark, Jiggy, Mothy - thanks a million!

A giant November sun with the bluest of blue skies, Ade had picked a cracking day for a 15 miler, East Grinstead ummm, historic but a little too much of the urban sprawl with an eclectic but uninspiring grub of shops dotted randomly around the place.  Even the station parking (£4.00 a day) was bizarrely not near the station.  Marching along amongst the raggle taggle shoppers I hoped the landscapes were going to be better than the early minutes of the walk suggested!

I was lucky enough to have two fine companions, Ollie and Gabby, hurrah someone to share my picnic with (as long as they liked apples)….

Get a move on Annie

The walk, tailor-made, is similar but not the same as seen on this link (ours was longer and was circular) but largely took in the same landmarks.

The Bluebell railway hove into view but for once Annie was not at the front but was chatting to anyone that would listen to her….the steam train roared past in all its glory….sorry no photo….the shame of it!  Kingscote station was not on the agenda but the deer running wild in the vicinity were, yes I missed those shots too…but a glorious glorious walk.

Oooops missed the train...

Ade, notorious for pace and stamina, was a generous leader with only one slight mishap meaning that the entire team (well almost) got lost, yes Annie rescued the day but what else would you expect!  We continued on past Stone Farm climbing rocks, not a single taker, across fields and woods dappled with the long shadows and light of a clear Sussex Autumn sky….cue for a few pictures to show you how lovely the High Weald and the Sussex border paths really are.

I was tempted but only briefly

No pictures of Weir Wood reservoir....but the whole route is dotted with fab lakes...swim anyone?

What a great set of toadstools....lovely

Another cracking day, 2011 has been a stunner, global warming or not my selfish self says bring it on.  Off for a birthday supper at Goudhurst and then a bike ride on Big Pink.  Life is good you just have to grab it with both hands!

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