Its autumn, the leaves are glorious and the forecast is…sunshine…anyone for a walk in The Chilterns before HS2?

Annie missing the company of Grizzle, Rufus and other assorted hounds realised she was getting a complex about their rejection so decided to get over it and go walking anyway.  One of the team had devised or thieved a cunning march that took in The fabulous Ridgeway, with a stride past Chequers and a look at the route of the ill-conceived HS2 project this was the walk for me.  A quick charge around the M25,  a 5 mile bike ride back to Princes Risborough….armed with apples and squash Annie was ready for the off.

The Ridgeway, aka Britain’s oldest road, with views stretching miles across the Chilterns was covered in the gold of Autumn what a treat.  No mishaps, no issues, no dogs stealing picnics (Rufus), well we did lose a fellow traveller, no idea how or why and to be brutal I didn’t really care, some walk leader I would make….ok ok we did stop, whistle, retrace steps and find the wayward one, the shame of it.  Titter.

Onward and upward we strode, crossing field and dale with barely a care in the world we came upon Coombe Hill and a memorial to men who died in the Boer war, this is one of the first war memorials to named individuals and is pretty impressive indeed.

OK OK Annie what about the picnic, the tea, the snaffling (Rufus here)……that is a toadstool and probably poison…what are you thinking of?

Storming down into Wendover we arrived at the tea shop (actually a fully fledged Chocolaterie), Rumseys, for tea, coffee and truly fabulous cakes.

Not a walk with too many giggles to report but a very excellent walk indeed.  Chequers was pretty spectacular but we did not want to fall foul of the 2005 Serious Organised Crime and Police Act so no pictures…. The campaign against HS2 was evident but the calls to action non-existent, the message bizarre “no business case” what about “Stop this wilful, destructive, billion pound, wildlife killing, footpath closing, dog of an idea.  DO SOMETHING, sign petitions, write to your MP, stand up and shout, put a poster in your window, tell the Campaign that their website needs to get graphical, where are the pictures, where are the people?  Rant over….for now.

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