Too much on my mind…up at 05.00 hrs…Brighton for breakfast, sea kayaking and a swim…

Sunday threatened to be sunny, sunny, sunny so a lie-in was out of the question.  No dogs had been in touch to take me for a walk, not even the newly arrived Kimbo, thanks a lot guys, so off to Brighton to meet Jukes Mutiny a long distance cold water swimmer, oh dear.

A race round the M25, down the M23 and a sneaky parking spot nabbed in Hove.  (Top tip…park on a single yellow all day Sunday…makes it worth getting up early).

Ummmm the weather was distinctly, NOT SUNNY, what was going on?  Sunday Times and a coffee on the beach….I would wait it out.  Jukes turned up at 11.30 having found a parking spot somewhere near Lewes I think, Mutiny dived right and took off across the ocean, all goggles and swim hats she declared the water was fine, I decided to continue my sunshine stakeout.

Yee ha…sunshine arrived, a double sea kayak was hired, out on the water for a paddle, life is good.  Don’t get the fear with a flat surface it is about as easy a boating activity as there is.  (Note do not opt for a paddle board, all standing up / no stability and a lot of humility every time you have to bale).   The water was a fresh 15 degrees but pretty clear and not too salty, no fish to be seen and with a hot shower back at the hire shop I had a truly grand splash.

Brighton is overcrowded, the pavements are dirty, the paint-work is peeling but when the sun shines it is still worth a visit especially if you take your swim togs.  I would also recommend Al Fresco and Due South both great places for a light lunch with a bottle of sparkling.

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