Splish – splash – sprinkle and splosh….a weather forecast for April not June…Oxted-to-Oxted 12 miler were we mad?

All weather gear was the theme of the day with a forecast that was more Borneo than Surrey we headed out of Oxted and swiftly onto Limpsfield. (Oxted is, according to the Telegraph, the 20th richest town in Britain….must be because they don’t spend any money as the town is about as dull and uninspiring as any in the region), I do not recommend a visit.

Above is a snap I took following my Chipstead to Brighton bike ride yesterday, why, because it is what June, and a town worth visiting, should look like!

Heading up from Limpsfield we tracked across the top of the ridge of the Greensand Way with pretty fantastic views up to the North Downs and on the other side down to the Weald. Sadly the Bluebells were long gone, the rhododendron were clinging on but not in sufficient number to be of interest, so all-in-all this walk was about talking too much and staying dry in the woods. (Note for Rufus, a smaller version of you was spied on the walk, no barking, no picnic thieving and no hair clips, listen and learn). Decision made, there would be an early diversion to Westerham for a tea and cake stop, all was not lost. No Chartwell for us today, but as Winston said “I am bored with it all…” (well I’m not really but needed a Winston quote and didn’t feel that “fighting them on the beaches” worked).

Yum, the cakes looked fantastic but the theory is that they were bought in so no advert for this venue I am afraid. If you do happen to visit Westerham the Brasserie, Le Rendezvous is to be recommended for all things French.

In the spirit of General Wolfe we marched on-on to….. well to Oxted as it happens, for a quencher in the very fine Weatherspoons, told you Oxted was not to be visited.

A poorly written tale for what was actually a grand stroll…had the sun been high in the sky it is a meander that is well worth doing and well documented elsewhere, just look up Oxted circular.

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