What no map…iPhone and GPS it is then…oh dear

Yet another muttless walk across Kent today, come on Rufus/Grizzle/Alfie help me out its tonnes more fun with the picnic thieves around.

The day started at 05.30 as I started worrying that I would get lost in the five miles to Knockholt.  Eventually setting off at 09.00 hrs, striding through Chipstead with the sun already beating down on my head, I covered a nifty five miles up to Chevening, Halstead then Knockholt and made the station in good time to meet my fellow travellers, a 10.40 lunch was a must, I had had no supper and no breakfast (stupid).

Hurrah, Jack (mostly White German Shepherd) and Wolfie (a very tiny Chihuahua) had decided to join us.  Stride on.

The weather was on our side and Phillipa had mapped out a walk that would take us through field-after-field with barely another person in sight and all this just a few miles from London.  Beware when crossing Broke Hill golf course, 1) they hide the footpath signs and 2) you are sent across the driving range.  Having avoided the balls that had whizzed around my head, it was on, on to Downe (not Down House where Charles Darwin wrote, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection) but Downe Tea Shop where cream teas where the order of the day.  (Sorry Grizzle your fault for dibbing out).

Rufus, whilst Jack was handsome enough his ability to jump a stile was not in your league and his picnic thieving was non-existent preferring instead to eat cow pats, (not very discerning). Wolfie was smaller than a sandwich so he had no snaffling skills either.

Annie skipped the tea and instead opted for one of the two pubs in Downe and a pint of ice-cold lager and a view of the Derby, lovely.

The amble continued onto Keston Ponds (Roman origins), via the rather dead Wilberforce Oak, where William Wilberforce informed William Pitt of his “intention to bring forward the abolishing of the slave trade”, eventually ending up at Keston Common.  Ah a scheduled pub stop, should I dare to have another pint…

Due to theft of handbag the previous week Annie had almost no cash so decided to walk from Keston back to Orpington, mad-mad-mad, 20 miles instead of the scheduled 9, not smart…but all-in-all a great day and well worth revisiting if just for the scones.


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  1. cream tea looks nice. I am not a fan of that Chi HUA HUA


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