An Easter Youth Hostel adventure on the South Downs…yes ok quips about youth not required….

A Mutt unfriendly adventure due to hostel experience mid walk, sorry guys.  But to keep you in touch with the adventures of Rufus I can announce that he has acquired a baby brother, Alfie, all fur and attitude.
I am so tired…Rufus forgets I am just a baby

The two days from Hassocks (left car at train station) to Shoreham (got bus to Brighton, met friends, back to Hassocks for car) were not going to be too strenuous, day one – 10 miles (closer to 12 after a few mini map issues), day two –  14 miles, backpack was filled with magazines and heaps of apples just to give myself a bit more of a challenge.


Starting at Hassocks a march up some reasonably hefty South Downs Chalk hills led to the famed Jack and Jill windmills, nothing too exciting to report other than stunning views and some great weather.  With a quick pit stop for some mugs of tea at the glorious tea rooms of Saddlescombe Farm, no website but just off the Saddlescombe Road, (I took the alternative option, a run to the next village for a swift Fosters, pace had been steady but I needed a bit of a leg stretcher) all good so far.

Not being a particular fan of the cow, I was taken by the good looks of what must be a Sussex breed, please comment if you know.  Very nonchalent and very handsome as you can see here, spied on our way to the Devils Dyke, a pretty impressive sight itself, formed by a river a very long time ago.  The pub at the top is well worth a visit for your lunch stop, proper Harveys pub so not a typical chain option.  Rufus and Grizzle missed out here as the snaffling would have been grand.

Onwards and upwards for Annie’s first ever visit to a Youth Hostel, Truleigh Hill.  Great site, ok rooms, hot water, a bit of an attitude and truly average supper.  Could be better but better than I expected.

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