Leeds Castle and Broomfield Cricket Club……a sunny day to paint and decorate

No Grizzle, Rufus or anyone else interested in doing a leg stretcher today so joined some mates to: paint; decorate; clean; weed; whatever in the beautiful setting of Leeds Castle Cricket Club. (I have added the “castle” so the esteemed reader knows where we are, ie not Yorkshire).  Got a mean googly?   If so they are crying out for talent so race along to the link and join up.

Not a great shot but gives you an idea of the setting of this glorious Kent club

Not one to sit on my laurels, even when I have no junior mutts to join me, I raced back up the M20 to Sevenoak’s Knole Park to run through some walk leader training, learnt tonnes about Knole (more about that when I have cool pics to add).

Always need a pic of the deer when talking about Knole

As an artful writer I now introduce a fab link, The 3rd Duke, a fanatical cricketer in the 1700s presented the Vine Cricket Ground to Sevenoaks town for a peppercorn rent and a cricket ball each year (latterly doubled to two peppercorns).   However the more interesting fact is that way back then cricket was played with two stumps, one of the Duke’s team, Lumpy, bowled through the two stumps and consequently lost a key match, thereafter the Duke introduced a middle stump…it is played with three stumps around the world to this day.

Note the number of stumps...Vine Cricket Club logo

Knole has its own cricket pitch and team, but the Vine Cricket Club still exists, an elegant ground in the middle of Sevenoaks Town, (yes Rufus people do eat picnics here but no you cannot go and snaffle).

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