Sand, more sand, dunes, lizards and bugs….the Namib desert was the best of the visit…

A great heave of a Landy turned up at the hotel to take us on our tour of the desert, yes ok it does sound a bit Club 18-30 but there is no way a trip into the middle of the Namib should be taken lightly and Turnstone Tours are ace. 

The highlight of the trip for me was seeing the bacteria filled red water which is responsible for the pinkish hue of the local Flamingo. 

Flamingo red...well not quite but that is some fierce bacteria

Lesser or Greater Flamingo - not sure which...look it up

The area before Sandwich bay is home to a massive set of salt pans where solar evaporation allows for the creation of 400 000 tonnes of salt per annum -yes that it not snow you see in the photo.

I never thought salt could be beautiful...but this really was..

We drove along the beach, inches from the sea for around an hour or so, this is the beginning of what is known as the Skeleton coast and sure enough we saw hundreds of dead seals etc…but due to the extreme conditions they do not decompose rapidly and neither are they eaten away, very weird, (no photos of these  – far too grim).

Picnic anyone, Rufus it would be far too hot for you and no Herdies to chase....

A bit of a march up the dunes for a look at the lagoon and the strange adapted wildlife and then we went dune bashing, which was absolutely fantastic.  Ernest, our guide, would not let me take the wheel, shame but with a 32 degree drop things were a bit challenging for a female driver (apparently)…

I am pretending to be dead....but I don't think they believe me..

After our picnic on top of the dunes we drove at pace across the desert only to find that the intense rainfall over this wet season (my burnt nose would suggest otherwise) had caused our route to become flooded, quick detour up and over made it pretty exciting. 

We ended the day with supper at the Jetty1905 restaurant with window views to a sunset, the food was not amazing but the glass floor over the sea was.

A truly great day and my last in Namibia, back to Cape Town on Thursday and London on Saturday.  I may share my trip to a landmark CT restaurant for my last post….if you are very lucky.

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  1. You have had a marvellous trip and have some great photos. Look forward to hearing about it when you get back!

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