Swakopmund – Dolphins, Sunfish, Seal and Pink Pelicans….with a few Oysters to wash them down

Swakopmund, famous for its fantastic Oysters, sea life and sand dunes, is our final stop on this three week Safari.  The Hansa Hotel, very historic and fairly grand in its own way, is our residence for three nights.  Today we trekked along the sea road for 33k to Walvis Bay, site of a unique landscape which lends itself to stunning wildlife due to a huge protective sand spit.

The boats are well known to the seals, birds and dolphins so getting up close is never in doubt.  We saw everything we expected and also found a 300Kg Ocean Sunfish, not great photos so none of those, nor the heavyside dolphins which we saw hundreds off.

Now where is that fish...Rufus they are starving me...

We were dive bombed by a series of stunning pinkish Pelican who were expecting us to throw them our lunch, I think.  I am not a birdy but they are pretty awesome.

Pelicans dive bombing the boat

As we raced past Pelican Point sand spit we caught sight of this Black Backed Jackal stealing fish from the Pelicans I guess.  Brilliant.

Get off its mine...

A great day in a growing town, I fancied the sea kayaking, dune boarding, quad biking and other risky activities but no one else was playing…time for the shops I think.

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