Little Ongava – the hunt for Black Rhino – ummmm we had already seen one…ooops

Our trip from Epacha to Little Ongava took a mere 40 minutes, hurrah.  Wow, who knew that a Safari could be as fabulous as this.  An entirely private guide, chef and suites, all in a tree top setting overlooking the extensive wildlife.  I could not recommend it more. 

Our stated aim was to continue the hunt for the elusive Black Rhino, ummm when our guide checked out our photos it turned out the Rhino we thought was white was indeed Black…..Good grief did we feel dumb.  So for completeness I include a picture of one of the White Rhino we saw at Little Ongava.

I am bigger, have a wider mouth and a gap between my horn, I am a White Rhino twit

I love a Defender and just in case I am invited to work at an Auto Show I got some practice in with a full length pose on our guide’s truck….ha ha.

Ummm a bit scruffy and not the best background but its a Landrover so who cares..

Being slightly disappointed with our trip to Etosha in the morning everything took a turn for the better when we saw a Lion with a full mane playing around with his mate.  Not a great pic but I include it anyway.

A fuzzy Lion having an argument with his mate...sorry no pic of the mate...

Today we race off to Swakopmund, along the Trans Kalahari Express and through the Namib desert, at the seaside, for Oysters, desert safari and a glimpse of some Dolphins from a boat.   But before we leave a quick picture of Wilhelm sliding about in the water checking our route…..he got v muddy but never actually fell in…

This was almost a point of no return, Wilhelm saved the day but almost met with disaster...

Apols for the style of the Safari Blog, I have specific requests as to what I should include and that is “pictures of animals”…so there you are.

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