The hunt for Black Rhino failed so a bit of a swim and a picnic instead….

Giraffe snaffling before the storm hits in Etosha park

Almost a fiasco…our chef, a young lad who played Rugby for France and Belgium, wrote his Landcruiser off yesterday, when trying to avoid a Black Backed Jackal.  Jackal survived but our dinner was cooked by a sub, no worries at all, we had an excellent Kudo fillet and some other local treats….

Epacha is set in the hills outside Etosha, with a game park of its own, hosting Black Rhino, Sable and all the other local wildlife, (Giraffe, Oryx etc).  Waking up early and diving into the Defender we set off at pace looking for waterholes which the Rhino typically frequent, no such luck today.  The whole area is very wet at present and as such the water holes are not really seeing as much wildlife, no matter, we did spot our first hertybeest. (spelling)

One glass of champagne too many and as for the crisps....swimming lengths later I think

A quick glass of the local Champagne was served by Klaus and then back to the swimming pool and Jacuzzi…

No glamour shots I am afraid, we are all a bit modest for that

Annie is happy again.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we set off bright and early for a swift 40 minute drive to Little Ongava where we will stay for two nights.  Renowned for their Black Rhino we should be in luck.  No Jacuzzi here but a private plunge pool awaits….swimmers are at the ready.

Ah a late addition the Bull Elephant from Etosha…sorry he was a bit distant..

Billy No Mates here....where is everybody?

3 Responses

  1. Billy no mates has no mates coz u r making us all green with envy.

  2. How can you play rugby for France and Belgium?

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