Now where did that Elephant go….ah there he is.

White Rhino, one of the big Five and pretty special at that....mud glorious mud

Moses having recognised that we were serious about seeing Elephant, held us at our word, an Elephant hunt it was, yee hah!  Driving something over 100k, we saw a multitude of wonderful creatures, the now common Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest, Black Backed Jackal, every bird you can imagine, a Cheetah (very special) and………..a lone Bull Elephant.  Noting that at this time of year the Elephant are a pretty rare find as most of them have departed for Angola,we were happy indeed.  Oh and we saw another White Rhino, lucky days.

I'm just a baby and the sun is pretty fierce today....

After a 05.30 start our 7 hour adventure meant an afternoon in the pool with a G and T, no photos don’t fret.

A few Impala from close to our fantastic hotel….the Onguma Fort

A swift drink for the team before we go and hide from the Lions...

Tomorrow we have a 150k drive to the Epacha Spa, in the hills just outside Etosha, where I am expecting great things, I will be doing game drives, perhaps a jacuzzi and swim but certainly not manicures, unlike some.

Annie loving Africa

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  1. Fantastic pics….What an experience, I’m really pleased you decided to go.


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