Today was more about driving than about safari

….or so we thought On arriving at Onguma Plains Camp, The Fort, having supped our fruity cocktail, (no alcohol), we shimmied into the LandCruiser with Moses, an expert on all things Etosha, Lions, Rhino etc, for a four hour scoot around.

Lo res due to bandwidth but still a handsome beast

This was real safari.

I made it clear that top of my agenda was Lions and guess what we saw Lions….ah I said well what about Rhino… we saw Rhino…..what about Elephant….well then I had pushed my luck.

7 Lions, snapped 2, here they are watching the Giraffe

A few snaps to take your fancy, or not, with a few from our early morning  look at OkonJima’s Cheetahs.

PS the tan is coming along nicely thanks…but so is the belly as the food is fantastic, Oryx, Kudo and Springbok so far, deeeelicious, (sorry guys).

Not the best shot of me....see the Giraffe in the background

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