Come out come out wherever you are…..Annie the Cheetah catcher…

Up at 05.30 for Cheetah tracking, as if. Turned out to be a Land Cruiser tastic adventure with a fantastic sunrise over the hills, the long grass, Giraffe and Acacia trees all bringing it together. 

Would we or would we not see the Cheetah today?  Jonah and Rohan, our helpful guides, were doing their best but after an hour stalking them we almost gave up….ah ha, Jonah at last had found some…four, all lying together asleep wondering why on earth anyone was up at this ungodly hour….good grief guys buzz off. 

Jeeez guys what time do you call this?

We are back out at 16.00 hrs for an evening tracking session, Leopards and Cheetahs this time, cross fingers for us. 

Sorry a rather horrid sight, a brown Hyena snaffling a Wildebeest, one we saw yesterday looking a little poorly had succombed.  The cycle of life I guess.

Its all over for the Wildebeest.....

2 Responses

  1. Nice! Did u see the hyena bring down the beest?

    • No we did not, thank goodness. We saw the Beest looking a bit sad the day before, so much so we thought it was a giant porcupine….the Hyena got it the next morning. Sad.

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