I never knew I could love a Warthog….but I did

Ever had brothers and sisters, you know what this is all about then....

The flight was a breeze, a jet that seated about 20, duration 1.45 hours, a screaming child, a pack of crisps and something similar to a mini mars bar and we were there…..fab.  We picked up the Land Cruiser, all good, but on hitting the big road (not that big) immediately realised that there was a continual alarm set when we went over 100 klicks, oh dear god, a Japanese import so everything was in Japanese and guess what – we don’t speak it – so beep beeeeep beeeeeeep for 288 k.  Grrrr

Okonjima is wonderful, staff, individual thatched cottages and incredibly private, only a few other guests at Bush Camp, Main Camp is full.  All good so far.

After finishing a wonderful late lunch at 14.40 we returned for afternoon tea at 16.00, OMG waistline alert, Rufus you would be in heaven….. a trip out into the bush was on plan and we were all game, well not literally but you know what I mean.  See the pictures, it is late now and I am up at 06.00 hrs for a Cheetah tracking mission. 

Hey its not all about the animals....a classic G and T in the tropics....yes please

Its not all about wildlife you know, a classic G and T makes the day..

Ok so we did see a few wonderful, Wilderbeast, Oryx, Giraffe and a heap of other wonderful beasts.  No baboons here, yes I have the pics I just hate their bottoms.

Hello sailor....


Termites to scratch my bottom - lovely


Now where are those Leopards?

2 Responses

  1. Am even more jealous…..

  2. More pictures please! Looks pretty good. I like the chalets with the canvas wall, are you in one of them?

    See any Cheetahs? Hear Lions at night?

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