Kent and the Lakes got a bit chilly so Africa it is…sorry Rufus/Grizzle Annie needs the land of her childhood.

After taking time out in Virgin’s awesome club lounge; a swim, jacuzzi, glass of champagne, a bit of sushi and a manicure; we staggered onto the flight with minutes to spare.  Nothing  much to report on the flight, 11.15 hours in one place is dull, dull, dull, whatever the fabric of the seats or the attitude of the staff.

We arrive to a stiff mist pushing into Table mountain across Camps Bay but find a comfortable poolside temperature of 28 which is fine indeed. A little sun worship quick swim and then off to plan for the safari which starts in the Namib desert on the 27th.   Hope to take some great pics and will certainly put in some helpful links about the region and the places we visit but have only got the usual mini digi camera so cross fingers for the big five, I have never seen a Lion in the wild and cannot wait..

Loving the sunshine in Cape Town

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  1. What the heck?…………When did you book this latest jaunt?????? I know you have been working hard but come on Annie, Africa?

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