Come out come out wherever you are…..Annie the Cheetah catcher…

Up at 05.30 for Cheetah tracking, as if. Turned out to be a Land Cruiser tastic adventure with a fantastic sunrise over the hills, the long grass, Giraffe and Acacia trees all bringing it together. 

Would we or would we not see the Cheetah today?  Jonah and Rohan, our helpful guides, were doing their best but after an hour stalking them we almost gave up….ah ha, Jonah at last had found some…four, all lying together asleep wondering why on earth anyone was up at this ungodly hour….good grief guys buzz off. 

Jeeez guys what time do you call this?

We are back out at 16.00 hrs for an evening tracking session, Leopards and Cheetahs this time, cross fingers for us. 

Sorry a rather horrid sight, a brown Hyena snaffling a Wildebeest, one we saw yesterday looking a little poorly had succombed.  The cycle of life I guess.

Its all over for the Wildebeest.....

I never knew I could love a Warthog….but I did

Ever had brothers and sisters, you know what this is all about then....

The flight was a breeze, a jet that seated about 20, duration 1.45 hours, a screaming child, a pack of crisps and something similar to a mini mars bar and we were there…..fab.  We picked up the Land Cruiser, all good, but on hitting the big road (not that big) immediately realised that there was a continual alarm set when we went over 100 klicks, oh dear god, a Japanese import so everything was in Japanese and guess what – we don’t speak it – so beep beeeeep beeeeeeep for 288 k.  Grrrr

Okonjima is wonderful, staff, individual thatched cottages and incredibly private, only a few other guests at Bush Camp, Main Camp is full.  All good so far.

After finishing a wonderful late lunch at 14.40 we returned for afternoon tea at 16.00, OMG waistline alert, Rufus you would be in heaven….. a trip out into the bush was on plan and we were all game, well not literally but you know what I mean.  See the pictures, it is late now and I am up at 06.00 hrs for a Cheetah tracking mission. 

Hey its not all about the animals....a classic G and T in the tropics....yes please

Its not all about wildlife you know, a classic G and T makes the day..

Ok so we did see a few wonderful, Wilderbeast, Oryx, Giraffe and a heap of other wonderful beasts.  No baboons here, yes I have the pics I just hate their bottoms.

Hello sailor....


Termites to scratch my bottom - lovely


Now where are those Leopards?

Rugby Saturday followed by packing for Namibia…..

Constantia was as beautiful as ever but we leave for the airport at 5.45 am  tomorrow, the 27th, for our flight to Windhoek.  We land, pick up the Landcruiser and drive 288 km to Okonjima Bush Camp, home of the Africat Foundation where a firm dedication to saving Lions, Cheetah, Leopard and even wild dogs is paying off.  The camp looks incredible and by staying here we have convinced ourselves that in some small way we are helping too. OK we get a little luxury but lets think of this as a symbiotic thing!

Tonnes to do in our short time there and then we jump into the 4wd and will make our way to Onguma Plains Camp for the next stage of our visit to the oldest desert in the world.  No idea about WiFi on which updates will depend but certain about swimming pools so hope not to be too unfit when I return.

Weather looks ok tho’ there is a possibility of some flooding, which will be v exciting.

Until I am there to take fab pics here is one I found earlier…


Oysters, fine wine and views of Table Mountain, this is not the Africa of my youth…

Another sunny day in Cape Town, with the famed clouds lying as a table cloth on Table Mountain, fantastic sight indeed. 

In preparation for our trip to the desert a decision has been taken to go to some of Constantia/South Africa’s finest to ensure we don’t miss out on the good stuff.  Wow – the wine, food and setting are truly awesome, check out the views of Table Mountain below. 

There is not much more one could ask for, fantastic.   

Enjoying a fab lunch at a truly wonderful restaurant

Take a sticky at the Constantia Uitsig restaurant website, note La Columbe will certainly be visited on the eve of my return….life is good.

Straight back  to the ranch for twenty minutes sun bathing, a 5k ergo and a swim for me, others have decided on a snooze… 

I wish everyone could be here, Rufus, Grizzle and Diplock2 as well as all my fellow gourmands and fitness freaks. 

View from my seat at

Kent and the Lakes got a bit chilly so Africa it is…sorry Rufus/Grizzle Annie needs the land of her childhood.

After taking time out in Virgin’s awesome club lounge; a swim, jacuzzi, glass of champagne, a bit of sushi and a manicure; we staggered onto the flight with minutes to spare.  Nothing  much to report on the flight, 11.15 hours in one place is dull, dull, dull, whatever the fabric of the seats or the attitude of the staff.

We arrive to a stiff mist pushing into Table mountain across Camps Bay but find a comfortable poolside temperature of 28 which is fine indeed. A little sun worship quick swim and then off to plan for the safari which starts in the Namib desert on the 27th.   Hope to take some great pics and will certainly put in some helpful links about the region and the places we visit but have only got the usual mini digi camera so cross fingers for the big five, I have never seen a Lion in the wild and cannot wait..

Loving the sunshine in Cape Town

The lakes – rain, sun, snow, hail, gales – why wouldn’t you?

It pays to get up early around here, Windermere in the early morning

Sad news from the Southern Lakes, Rumpole, resident of Crook near Kendal and recent star of a RufusRambles tale, had felt very unwell over recent weeks and so Peter and Vivienne decided that it was time to visit Diplock and his other friends in doggy heaven.  Annie decided this meant a visit was in order to say hi to the team and to walk on the fells with Vivienne. and Diplock2.   

February is always great in the Lakes so a trip up to Keswick followed….Skiddaw, Little Man, Bakestal, Lattrig, Cat Bells, Maiden Moor, Glaramara and Allen Crag all got a visit, plus a few mini crags.  Rainy, snowy, sunny, windy….its the Lakes after all.

Annie finally bags Skiddaw and a few other Wainwrights to boot! Yee hah..

Who loves a Herdy, everyone does, they were expecting a snaffle and instead got a flash, sorry guys, no Rufus, no Grizzle no picnic.

Go on, give us a bit of yer bun, you know you want to....

Glaramara is a great walk, a relaxed stroll up a steepish stone path with views across to Scafell Pike and beyond.  Well worth a tramp from Stonethwaite in the Borrowdale Valley.

Cracking view from Glaramara across the valley...picnic stop I think.

A slippery walk up a steepish stone path took us to the top of Kings How, only 392 m but good for views across the Borrowdale Valley and down to Derwent Water. 

Kings How gave us snow tops and rainbows - another great day in the Lakes

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