Grizzle – fed up being lazy so taking Annie for a 13 mile trot around Bewl water

Having spent a few days working at Collard et Trolart in Meaux, Annie took on the character of Rufus and turned into a snaffler, well who wouldn’t the local restaurants were apparently awesome.  Time to take her for a long walk and where better than the very local Bewl Water, always deserted during winter and never disappointing for fab views of Kent and Sussex.  The walk is about 13 miles, more if Annie is in charge of directions, but very flat so can be done in 4 hours or so.  A few detours to pubs exist, not for us though.

Where are all the ducks?!

Check out the link and check out the upcoming events, triathlon anyone?

Bewl was dammed in ’75 and then filled with 31,300 million litres of water and on this walk you even see country lanes that appear to run down into the reservoir, very weird.  Car park is pretty spenny at £6 but lots of opportunities to park on the verge if you are not feeling flush…(think that is quite funny, flush….).

Triathlon anyone......?

The walk was pretty uneventful; a bit of squirrel chasing, a moment of hilarity when Annie got lost and almost fell in the mud….ummm and some typical winter squelching around, I got muddy as you can see above.  I would also comment that yet again no one managed to bring a picnic, marvellous, I was starving….what about The Bull Inn at Three Leg Cross, Ticehurst, The Vine at Wadhurst or any of the other grub stops….what nothing?

2 Responses

  1. Archie has grown rather a lot and is definitely interested in a walk with grizzle sometime soon. He may be available on thursday and will confirm after consulting his diary……

  2. Not so little Grizzler has put on a few pounds, 13 miles is a good trot but Tiffin does a big walk every day. Sort it out.

    Thanks for the links to the pubs I can never find them when walking around Bewl.

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