Streat, Ditchling Beacon circular – mud, mud and a bit more mud….

Ummm so much for the view at the top of the Beacon…

Grizzler here, please note I am not a great narrator like Rufus, neither am I as handsome.  I am a Border Terrier and I like doing things that terriers do…..jumping leaping and generally misbehaving.  I am not a snaffler of picnics and I do not admire folk who get lost as generally speaking that is what I do.

The decision to walk the 10 miler Streat – Ditchling Beacon  circular was taken many days before the skies opened to make a Sussex mud fest of the route and before it was evident that visibility from the top of the Beacon would be zero, I loved it but not sure about Annie who is not great with a map at the best of times, iPhone Apps (UK Map) here we come.

Phone box outside the 11th Century Streat church

The walk along the Bridleway through Brocks Wood was passable but I was pleased no one had shorne my winter coat as Annie’s trews and boots were drenched, (note to walkers when it rains down low in these parts it does get mega muddy). 

The vis at the bottom was pretty good but check out my muddy coat, lovely

Up and onto the Downs the problem became one of visibility not mud.  Not a soul to be seen, with the mist actually nothing was to be seen, pretty spooky but pretty cool in its own way. 

The wind blew, the rain came, but the Downs are my fave place to walk now....Grizzler

The South Downs are wonderful.  Not sure that the start point at the bottom worked brilliantly and next time a walk across the top will be sought.  An easy walk of around 11 miles that anyone could have a go at. 


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