Winter warmers – mulled apple and ginger

A little celebration of the great British apple, or is it?

Did you know that apples originated in the Middle East over 4000 years ago and have been grown in Britain since the Romans were here!  Specially cultivated varieties arrived from Europe via France with the Norman Conquest of 1066.  In the 13th Century, Black Death, the War of the Roses and various droughts led to the demise of the apple, King Henry VIII, (our fave King) reversed this decline through the establishment of large scale orchards in Kent with apples searched for and bought back to Britain from all over the world.   With over 3500 varieties now held at the National Fruit collection it is clear we Brits care about this glorious fruit. 

Lets cook…

For those who are longing for some mulled wine but who are driving..what about some  mulled apple and ginger instead. 

Heat around a litre of apple juice, splash in 125ml of ginger wine, chuck in a little cinnamon stick, add a few cloves and a pinch of nutmeg, if you fancy it add a squirt of lemon juice, heat up very slowly for 15 minutes or so and serve v v hot.  Make sure you serve it in mugs that can take the heat.  Fantastic, even better if you made your own apple juice.

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  1. Still loving that expression, great picture Rufus, you are handsome

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