Mam Tor – not the mother of all mountains

A ruined Peveril

Up to Derbyshire and on the trail at 08.00 hrs Camilla and Annie had, of course, tucked into bacon baps before we engaged, what did I get?  Nought – absolutely nada – nothing – rien…..grrrrrr!

We marched on, through the low mist trekking past a ruined castle, Peveril and then up-up-up through the Limestone way.   It was a little squelchy under foot, lovely and muddy…..woof, as we headed for the first of our “planned” going wrong stops….I think they are planned as we do always have them, Camilla?

These little Derbyshire bumps are dead lovely but not mega challenging for the team, which was grand as I was absolutely starving come on someone give me a snack.

Mam Tor is an ancient hill, iron age, and well walked so now has a  stepping stone staircase for our comfort and to reduce erosion.   At the top I was promised great views of Derbyshire, but this was not to be, at the top of Mam Tor we could have seen angels as we were so deep in the clouds….(see pic of me looking rather handsome, sorry about your pic Camilla). 

I'm seeing (loving) angels instead....woof

As we passed Mam Tor the weather improved and so the views improved.  Very few walkers tho’, come on lazy louts of Castleton, I need picnic crumbs….

Mam Tor looking a little less misty.....

The route continued down to Hope where we found the  apparently famous Woodbine cafe, no time for a snack apparently, unbelievable….I HADN’T EATEN YET!   The weather might be better but the mud got muddier, ha ha,…..onwards to Castleton alongside the fine river, a quick dip for me,  for a pint and a pie I hoped.  Well they had a pint at the George but I didn’t get a pie but some measly snack from the publican.  Not happy…not happy at all, and they haven’t even noticed.

On the route to the Woodbine cafe for a pie I hope..

Missing out on the event of the year, the Castleton Christmas lights, we made a quick dash over to Stanton Moor to investigate the trial bikes, four-wheel drive fanatics and the fogtastic weather….girls what are you thinking where is Bodge when you need some sense, logic and reason…?

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