Annie get your gun – the pheasants are gonna get it

The 06.00 hrs start was somewhat delayed due to a later than planned evening,  no shabby behaviour just a late night.  Arrived at Bronygarth at 12.00 ish, quick hi to Sue and dashed off to Pontfadog for a clamber up some little Welsh hills.  Yet another dog free wander, or so I thought until we came upon an army of tweed wearing, shotgun toting, gun dog handling Welshmen.  As Bodge would say, Oh dear….but we marched on in spite of the risk to ourselves, secretly hoping one of the chaps might lend us a gun.

Oy Phylis Pheasant fancy a pint....I'm fed up with hanging around...

Not a walk that would challenge a significant Wainwright but well worth doing as the views are magical.  As ever I have taken the work out of my task and provide a pre-potted link to the various walks around Ceiriog Valley we took the one with views down to Llangollen.

Sue did get a little breathless on the first hill but puts this down to two weeks off walking, camel jumping in Dubai or some such excuse.

Hall strikes a pose....

Lots of Sheepdogs but all in large wire cages, these are working dogs not vanity dogs like you Rufus 
Languid view to Llangollen
Couldn’t resist posting this pic as for no other reason than it is so chocolate box.

Working farm or holiday cottage......ummm what a picture


One Response

  1. Get you snake hips!! Looking fabulous, and not just down to the talented photographer.

    Wee Archie would like to make it known that he will be joining the odd ramble as soon as his wee legs have grown a tad. So get planning an inaugural route ladies……

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