Knole – One Tree Hill – Ightham Mote – Shipbourne ..and back

Annie is becoming an expert at navigation in the absence of fellow travellers.  With the assistance of an iPhone app called UK Map the route was easily followed, well one tiny detour, right direction wrong footpath, very muddy shoes. 

A little nervous so much planning was undertaken for what was a fairly straightforward if historic and beautiful walk.  I include links to a resource, the Sevenoaks Circular walk and associated PDF can be downloaded here.  Do take a sticky beak it is much better than anything I could do.  The walk is not challenging, with a few hills and a bit of mud, (not like Yorkshire mud), 4-5 hours all in.

Knole House, Sackville West Family, given by Elizabeth 1, a room for every day of the year...

No Grizzle, Muppet, Bubbadoo or Rufus so no picnics or tales of snaffled goods.  A few quick snaps and a couple of links in case you want to take on this circular challenge. 

Ightham Mote looking stunning set against a deep blue sky, get your boots know you want to.

Awesome sky, it was raining 30 minutes later!

Marching on straight past St Giles’ Church in Shipbourne and to the Chaser pub, arrived at 11.40, opening time 12.00, logs lit in the fire and a kind landlady who served me regardless, all good. 

A view from the Chaser, famous site of stolen ploughmans..Rufus

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