Its all about the sunshine – and teeny childers…

Annie here, Rufus is relaxing in Kent, I can only apologise for his lack of editorial control which may lead to a significant deterioration in the quality  and humour of the writing.  Hey ho, at least no one on the hills will have their lunch stolen!

Unreal colours from Skiddaw down to Derwent Water, not a great pic…

Weather forecast awesome so a trip to Keswick was a must.  Trip from Sevenoaks took 4.30, outrageous speeding all the way. 

No Camilla, Bodge or anyone else to navigate the hills I decided to use David Hall’s recommended route up Catbells, and then extended my march up to High Spy, or thereabouts, I am no map reader and used instinct, luckily the weather allowed for that so my compass and OS did not make an appearance, thank the stars.  Sadly picnics were also lacking, though what I had I ate as Rufus was not there to snaffle my snacks. 

The backside of Catbells, sun pulled the colour out of the bracken, amazing.

Looks like a summers day, v v cold but an absolute cracker of a walk


Catbells was an easy stride up, well the four and five year olds taking advantage of half term were a little nippier than me but my pace was good enough to get me to the top.  Hysterical that we all make such a fuss about our kit, welly boots with frog faces, wooly mittens that granny knitted, the colours of the brightest jelly beans and a general lack of GoreTex summed up the  outfits of the little Catbell striders…or perhaps there is a total lack of awareness of how quickly that weather can change.

The sun shone all day and made for an easy four hours of heaven, my stroll down to Newlands being entirely in solitude was a great decision.  A quick trip up Skiddaw to see if any pics could be  followed but the sun wasn’t really playing, see what you think.

The day concluded with the traditional visit to the ever fantastic Dog and Gun, swapping stories with other intrepids, Rufus you missed out, heaps of chips on the floor and goulash being handed out liberally.  When I say intrepids I met one chap who was escaping from his wife and apparently “child who could not walk a step without an accompanying sentence”..he was supposed to be getting fish and chips.

Dog and Gun, the best pub in Keswick by a mile


My hotel, The Keswick Lodge, very central, good food and a packed bar is more than adequate but it would not win any Michelins.  A lovely boxer had stolen Rufus’ spot as the under the table hound so he managed a few of my spare chips.

The dreaded cream on camera from Midge Halls blurs my face atop Catbells or a bit higher


The tippy top after Catbells, not sure exactly where but a nice pic of Derwent Water none-the-less

Noting that there is no sign at all of Derwent Water, well done Annie!  Twit

4 Responses

  1. Looks amazing Annie. You need to take a good camera with you next

  2. Wish I were in the Yorkshire Dales doing similar but much shorter walks than you Annie. Looks like you’re having fun. Glad to see it. I need to get away myself.

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