Sloe sloe quick quick sloe….get the gin out

These are Sloes rather than the oft mistook Bullace

Grizzler here, the little terrier that is a lady but looks like a yobby boy, Rufus gets  pink hair clips and he is a boy I am a lady and I get nothing…life of a dog ey.

Annie is on a mission to pick and pickle everything she can get her sticky hands on in this year of penny pinching, all good for me as I get a walk.  As we are now nearing the end of September it is time for the annual picking of the Sloes. 

Marching around the hedgerows of the High Weald, my home and truly a grand place to yomp, we came across hedges full of Sloes and trees full of what could be Bullace?  They look identical but only the Sloes have thorns, they taste the same when chucked into gin so please feel free to lie about their provenance it will make no difference to the end result.

  • A bottle of gin , drink half
  • Fill the bottle with Sloes or Bullace which have been pricked all over, some people freeze overnight others wait for a frost before picking, do whatever you will, the gin will be fine
  • Add about 4 oz of sugar, you can add more to taste at a later stage if needed
  • Shake a little every day
  • Three months later, or a lot later if you prefer, Sloe gin ready for Chrissie presents (not for dogs or childers thank you).  Note to Christmas drinkers, a drop of Sloe gin in the bottom of a glass of champagne makes for a neat twist on the Kir Royale

2 Responses

  1. Sounds good!
    Is it good with Cumberlands???

  2. What is Sloe gin? Should we encourage the student bar to stock some, perhaps I could take some back to uni?

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