Wandering aimlessly – not always a bad thing

Sunday is here and what a few days I have had, to be frank with you reader, I am absolutely shattered and rumour has it that we are pillaring today, that might look like a verb and it certainly might be one if we do it, aka climbing up a very very very steep tonne of rock, getting to the top and doing more and more and more.   I am liking this holiday a lot as the team have bought heaps of Cumberland sausages for my breakfast, lucky lucky boy.  Camilla is not shy of eating a few as well, watch out Millsy need to walk a lot to keep those pounds off.     

Anyway the day looks pretty grand with heaps of sun, not as grand as yesterday but good enough for me.  Take a sticky at the pics from Wastwater, its not a dog’s life up here I can assure you, if a dog’s life is a bad one…..?!     

Sun in September - good for your soul

We all chunkered up Mosedale, a stair case of a walk kindly provided by mankind, a little river crossing, into which Camilla threw her rucksack last time, dunderhead, nothing untoward occurring this time though.  Ummmm hang on, as we get to the top bit it seems there is a bit of a gale running….oh dear oh dear oh dear, Millsy won’t like this at all.  Wind, an exposed mountain and some v steep and sheer edges.  I see a bit of aimless coming along.     

The weather had changed, still sunny but far tooooo windy miller for a trip up Pillar, it would end up being a trip of a lifetime so we changed tack and headed toward Black Sail pass but then did  a swift detour along the back of Kirk Fell with a stride down the side of Great Gable via the gulley between it and Kirk Fell …..not a soul to be seen, not a stranger’s picnic to be snaffled, blow.  Where is everyone?  Annie struggles a little as we appear to be scrambling down a waterfall, has Camilla got the map right?     

Having a bit of an aimless wander and loving it...

 Camilla resting on her laurels, Annie made a huge picnic with porky pies, delicious sandwiches, satsumas and all sorts of lovely, I got toast and one sausage, hrrrmph not fair girls.  

Chowing down between Kirk Fell and Great Gable

As I am so hungry I wanted to post a photo of me that shows me off in all my glory, to be clear this is on the Scafell Pike day so a not really for here but I look soooo handsome it is almost a sin not to post it.     

I am a very handsome dog, me on my way back from Scafell....lovely

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