Scafell – 978 steep metres and a beautiful September sky

Camilla, Annie and I set off bright and early as the planned walk takes us by car to Jubilee Bridge and a long valley walk up to a fairly rocky route, Narrow Cove, up to Scafell Pike the daddy of English mountains.  OK come on let’s be having some Cumberlands for my breakfast I am already starving after yesterday’s adventures….bark and yee shall gather, excellent I got my sausages…               

The sun is shining, the weather is warm and even though I am a dog I know how special this is going to be…just take a look at the river Eskdale….the fields are full of Herdies – which I do NOT chase and just well… everything is grand.              

Loving the lowland by the Eskdale, mucky paws

The team did not think much of the sodden fields with every foot step soaking their GoreTex boots more, I with my padded paws had no troubles at all and had a merry old time in and out of the river.  As it happens the girls dipped into the river too as a slight recalculation of the route, Millsy…, took place and a river crossing was decided upon.  We carried onto Great Moss an immense flat area of grass and boggy peat, glorious glorious day.              

Barefoot before crossing the Eskdale....what went wrong?

The day continued with sun shine, meadows and then a pretty steep climb up Little Narrow Cove, a site of various mishaps to walkers in the past.  Annie, not as fit as she thinks in spite of the ergo, struggles with some of the bigger rocks.  Today is supposed to be Scafell and Scafell Pike, as Bodge would say…. Oh dear…have they bitten off more than they can chew?              

Annie thinks she is fit...she is not Narrow Cove wins

We make it to the top, very mean picnic on the way …cheers ladies much appreciated NOT, and discover approximately 1 million people, 40 dogs, several children and best of all the debris of 1000 sloppy picnics….but the views are well, amazing.  yee ha.             

Annie uses her binocks to scope the view from the roof of England

The day continued with a tramp down the side of Scafell Pike with a view to a tramp up to Scafell, not on your nelly I thought as I spied the rock face and scramble we were about to embark upon.  Ha ha, have they got this wrong…or what.            

Camilla, genius navigator, did not quite find the route down Scafell Pike and so it was another hill scramble, no trouble for agile Beardie but Annie found the trip hard going, Camilla took time out to phone her Ma so clearly v relaxed.

Camilla phones home, running out of time on the mountain, ooops

Come on Annie you can do it... or can you?

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