Kirk Fell and Great Gable – a day for strong legs

OK so the team are bunked up in this excluuuusive apartment with minstrels gallery, views of mountains and a kitchen of its own. This is good as the chances of snacks are greatly increased when they do not involve thieving sausages from b’fast. Excellent as expected I started the day with a big helping of Cumberland. It turns out that was just as well as the first trek took me up a stupidly steep thing called Kirk Fell, in my humblest a fell should not be as big or as steep as a mountain. My Camilla was absolutely terrified….well at least she got on all fours to clamber up and show support for me, I think that is what she was doing. Anyway we made it into a gale force wind which knocked me off my feet, ummm, not sure about this hols.          

Kirk Fell, not well known but one heck of a clamber


 On our way down again, hurrah back to the pub, oh hang on they took a turn for the worse and shanked me right up this whopped called Great Gable which is about 899 Metres high and is part of the Scafell cluster, if I thought Kirk Fell was windy ….. anyway time for a quick sandwich and soup break, I got a crust of bread, gee thanks team, and off again.       

A big chunk of a hill with a march through Windy Gap from Kirk Fell


Hurrah I thought as we raced down the mountain, krrrumpph someone went wrong as we hit a ravine with a drop of some horror…all smiles gone, we retraced our steps back up and then down again.          

Hang on a minute Millsy, suddenly we are tramping up another hill, what is going on….ah I see Sprinkling Tarn in the evening sunlight, stunning.  A group of wild campers are setting up for the night, wow I wish I could….come on girls this would be brilliant we don’t need tents, do we?         

Sprinkling Tarn - absolutely stunning


 Right now we are done, back to the ranch for a break, 7 hours of walking is not funny, though it was sunny and dry, secretly I had an absolute cracker of a day.  More tomorrow please.

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