Wasdale Head Inn – a place for adventures

OMG I am very excited as today we are on our way to my favorite place, the place of Cumberland sausages and Steak Pie (usually stolen), 358 miles from Sevenoaks (my home), as directed by Emily, Jack and Daniel, the voices of the all new Sat Nav….

We are going to what looks either like a hidden gem or a forboding place called Wastwater!. One of the most remote of the lakes, pretty near the coast at Morecombe bay with clear views to the Isle of Man, which I do not like due to roaring motorbikes with silly men trying to kill each other, AND dogs if they get in the way..

OK so the journey seemed to take six and a half hours, I know as we stopped once and I sat all the way to make sure no one was following us from home, I stole a bit of grub before we left.

Arrival at 20.17, go Camilla, pub stops serving at 20.30 wahay, Steak pie it is…it has just got better I HAVE MY OWN BED…Wasdale Pub I think I love you. The team seem very impressed with everything so far. Good happy team lots of snacks for me.

One Response

  1. Glad to hear Camilla was on all fours … just to keep you company. Good opportunity to steal her sausages, as I bet she’s not nearly as agile and you can outrun her!

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