Rufus’ hedgerow blackberry jam….



OK Annie, a good friend and proud walker of Grizzle the naughty terrier, is a grand cook and she reckons foraging in hedgerows must be done during these austere times.       

Well it is not great for my beautiful coat but as the Grizzler loves it I decided to give it a go. The jam made is fantastic and although my chops turned maroon and Annie’s fingers turned purple we reckon it was worth it so here is a recipe to follow. Note to WI, no members of the WI here so the jam is not appearing for sale anytime soon….       

A snap of one of my lady friends, The Grizzler…    

The Grizzler soaks up the late sun, wondering whether she will get some jam


Step 1 – Make sure your friends save all their glass jars for you, nothing more irritating than wasting money (note I am from Yorkshire). Clean the jars, use white spirit for labels, wash thoroughly, if you have an Aga stick them in the simmering oven until you are ready with your jam.       


Step 2 – Grab a waterproof box, bag something.       

Step 3 – Get your boots on and schlep to your nearest hedgerows, blackberries are everywhere this year, September 2010, and must be picked.       

Step 4 – Do your “brambling” at the end, you don’t want all that juice running down your brand new Goretex jacket.       



6 lb blackberries
4 lb sugar      


grate a couple of  apples as bb’s have no pectin to speak of, stuff that makes the jam set, don’t recommend scrumping but hey I am a dog and they won’t lock me up      

juice of 2 lemons and a little rind without the white stuff      

Clean the fruit, put it into a very heavy bottomed pan, simmer until the fruit is soft, gently stir in the sugar and leave to dissolve, bring to the boil and boil rapidly until setting point is reached. ( That is a bit much what on earth is a “setting point”).  Ah… pop a plate in the freezer and when cold drop a splodge of the jam onto it, if it starts setting you are in business. Leave the jam to cool a bit, pour into the jars, cover with little round disks of greaseproof or film or just the very clean lids and put away somewhere cool to set.       

Use your emerging computer skills to design and produce homemade labels with pics of me on them….delicious.

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