Hever castle circular walk – 12 miles

Camilla has been seriously busy recently, homes being decorated and gardens being tidied I think she forgets that I am the important thing round here.  Anyway Saturday the 28th loomed large with a great big sunny sky, against all the odds as it was a Bank Holiday (whatever a Bank is and why they need holidays).   

Camilla looking down on handsome Rufus

We set off late, as ever another task got in the way, charging down to Hever, about a fifteen minute drive from Sevenoaks.  The route is described as challenging but is pretty easy really, well for nimble souls like myself.   

We started at Hever and then did a 12 mile circular walk with a big picnic stop in the middle, we saw the Chiding Stone and moved on from there.  All very beautiful and to be recommended.   

A handsome dog climbing a trees, bears aren’t the only ones who can…

Camilla is supposed to be providing the links to maps and all great resources as being a dog I am no good at typing.  However in the absence of such I am going to post another stunning shot of me….why not, I am very handsome….



Kentish Oasts - so what - where is the picnic?


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  1. Hey Mr you are looking pretty devilish and yes I had no idea dogs could climb trees….

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