Its all about the miles, 25 of them! – Richmond to Osmotherley

I am a handsome dog, however, Camilla and the Team seem to have forgotten that to retain such looks I need to be pampered.  Well really….leaving Richmond in claggy (cloudy – northern word) weather, we swamped through horrendously clarty (muddy – northern word) fields, my paws were a disgrace.  Not to worry the mud was soon washed off when I found the fast running falls of the Swale.  The team quietly let me know it was to be a 25 miler, all on the flat with nothing much to look at, chase or climb.  Hot humid and all a bit disappointing, I was hoping for a grand picnic stop to make up for things…it didn’t happen.

I don’t really want to say much more the route was somewhat dull..I got half an award winning pork pie and that was that.  Dull dull dull.  Over to guest writer..

Mud puddles to make an interesting day....dull dull dull

Guest writer here.  The route from Richmond to Osmotherly is flat and Rufus is right the start is very muddy and the whole day was filled with farms who host some of the smelliest beasts around.  Barbed wire is preferred to stiles and the vast fields filled with Barley, Rape Seed and Corn seemed to host every nasty critter known to man, we got stung….and the crew were not happy.

We had a quick pit stop at Danby Wiske, great name but a dull town, pub was not one to write home about.  A few walkers were staying here, a mistake in our view, though it made a shorter walk it would make the next day a dull one. 

We marched on across a main road and a high speed railway line to Ingelby Cross where the remainder of the walkers were staying….not us we had a further five miles straight uphill onto the Cleveland way and then downhill mostly through a muddy forest…..Osmotherly appeared like an oasis before us and pints of lager were pulled and drunk within five minutes of arrival.  A lovely town but too tired to enjoy though happy at achieving a 25 mile day with no blisters – blissful bed at 10 pm.

Sheer luxury - a pub, football and everything

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