Its all about roller coasters – Osmotherly to Clay Bank

Hills hills and hills, all lovely

Yesterday was a tad dull but the team enjoyed the challenge of 25 miles, they are berks. 

 All good today, weather aweseome, as Camilla has advised us all that we have a short 11 miler on the flat, brilliant, this is when they usually tuck into big picnics, snaffler at the ready. 

 It seemed to  start well, actually not really…the team walked straight out of town and back onto the Cleveland way, (100 mile walk that intersects the C2C), marching into the forest they passed some other walkers, clearly doing the East to West route, nutters the team  muttered under their breath, Camilla strode on confident, oh dear…..the forest ended in a huge pile of felled trees no path to follow, why had those fellow travellers not alerted anyone … Muttley is shocked. 

It got worse, the flat was clearly not going to be flat as we commenced with an inclinethat had a warning – 1 in 5 – oh dear this did not seem right.  The Millster may have got things confused, AGAIN.  Bodge did a quick check of the guide book apparently the day was filled with roller coaster hills not quite the “flat day” that was anticipated.  Bodge commented that the mileage was closer to a fine 17 miles than the promised 11.  Oh dear.  Happiness filled me as I heard there was a cafe stop on the way, always good pickings to be had…heh heh heh.

Hills are not that hard so having a dance in the grass

We strode on, beautiful day.  We met a lot of older walkers, some who had not been up here for twenty years or mores and wanted a final visit, they all knew so much, weather, good routes, knowledge of the area quite awe inspiring, actually I could not care less but then I am a dog and a pretty handsome one at that. 

We reached summit two or three and met Melanie and David, Camilla had recognised the route again apparently, oh dear thought I, she advised them with confidence that we were now on the flat, weird as we had not yet me the Wainstones….ah not to worry we turned the corner and there they were…..

The final hill on the walk

 Yes that is Annie on the hill that Camilla said did not exist. …actually it was brilliant walking.

Guest writer here.

 A great day, longer and harder than we had thought, we met the fellow travellers who had not told us we had gone wrong the day before – it was clear they were nerdy campers who carried Nasa certified grub with them so that they were self sufficient, so  much so they did not worry about fellow travellers.

Today was what all our walking was about, strong legs, great weather, great views all fantastic, missing family but knowing why we are doing this…’cos it is fun…

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