Its all about cinder – Clay Bank to Glaisdale

Cracking hols so far, though I seem to have forgotten to have told you how handsome I am recently, look at the pictures work it out…I am. 

Striding the tiles – hot day

The day started at about 9.05, (Annie thinks .05 is an about….) and it became clear that I am becoming a bit of a brand, well hey if the Herdy  crowd can do it I can….everyone knows me and to know me is to love me.

The views were not great for pics but pretty awesome for walking….we also saw an adder…not a very big one…

Adder on the road from the pub

The team walked for miles along a disused railway that ferried Jet and other mined material across the moors, the cinder bed still prevalent, great for the sole but apalling for dust all over one’s fur.   The team covered nine miles in under three hours, good news with arriva at the historic pub. the Lion at Blakey Moor.   Great spot for lunch…..I chowed down on leftovers strewn all over the floor….bored with writing now….Camilla help me out I am tired of writing…

Another superb day on Alfred’s walk, my second C2C.  A highlight for me today was meeting a chap that had actually bound Wainwright’s books; had met him and could tell me tales about him.  Wainwright is not about walking but more a philosophy, a philosophy I understand…

Tired now more tomorrow.

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  1. Hey handsome sounds like you are having lots of fun.
    Miss you
    woof woof

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