Its all about hangovers – Reeth to Richmond

Oh dear goodness, the team this morning do not look like the finely honed athletes they purport to be, it has all gone terribly wrong.  The disheveled hair, the downcast expressions, the grimace when there is noise, they keep saying Jaegermeister under their breath….serves them right for putting me in the outhouse – ha.

A little the worse for wear Rufus says no to the picture

However, it is another sunny day and apparently we have a nice short walk, we start later than usual, still get a single sausage for breakfast, I am starving, no scraps worth snaffling at the pub last night, it is not fair.  The walk is very similar to yesterday it seems, beautiful buttercup meadows…blah blah blah, but we do at least have a few close encounters with some tough cows and sheep, bark bark.  Annie’s friend Melanie did not like the cows so I tried to make sure they knew we would deal with them if they pushed too hard… 

On the road to nowhere - a very relaxing day

Up hill and dale, amazingly we pass our fellow travllers again, no idea how as we are certainly not pacey.  All got a bit fretful as Camilla appeared to remember this part of the route, oh dear will they be marching off piste again.   Hey ho picnic time, what no pie, grrrrr this gets worse and worse, do they know I climbed 375 steps at the priory earlier today, I AM HUNGRY. 

Alex and his dad, C2C ers who are raising funds for a charity see the page, have now confirmed that Bodge is allowed to join their team as he is a legend, hangover be damned he has a pint of fosters for his lunch…well done Bodge. 

By 2.30 we are in Richmond, quick ice cream, quick pint for Bodge who is feeling rather unwell and the girls have gone shopping for tomorrow’s picnic, don’t forget me I bark after them.  I have it on good authority I am getting a pork pie!  Hurrah. 

I know I am handsome, enough of me now?

Team dinner in town tonight to celebrate getting through the day, I am hopeful.

OK so we are in Richmond now and looking for a pub that will serve dogs, all right you know I didn’t quite mean that!  Guess what those that do you would not want to eat in, at least I wouldn’t, and those that don’t we can’t, rubbish.  Hang on Annie just spotted a soldier from Catterick, he is taking us up to the Holly Hill pub in his grand BMW.  The girls spotted a box with the logo Magnum on it, oh dear is it a gun?  No silly a pair of boots.  Grrrrr they don’t serve food on a Monday at Holly Hill and would not serve us because of me apparently…taxi back to Richmond, straight into the Turf, not allowed in the nice bit and the other bit is like a working mens club gone wrong, Camilla you can do better than this.  Not giving up a nice older chap points us in the direction of the Bistro at The Black Lion.  Boooyakker we found a place to eat and it has Wi fi, fine wine, risotto and great staff.  Richmond you are forgiven.  Now Camilla don’t let me down, pass me a sausage.

2 Responses

  1. It looks such fun I want to do it one day. No way I would be lucky enough to get your weather though!

    How long have you got left?

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