Its all about goals – Keld to Reeth

Well I have no idea what I did wrong yesterday but I was put in an outhouse last night, not for an hour or two but for the whole night.  A truly horrid experience, so I barked and howled as loudly as I could but to no avail.  Not sure what my tactics should be today good behaviour or protest behaviour, lets see how it pans out…hrrrmph. 

Turns out that Glenda, our host at Pry Farm, was witty charming and created the best Full English yet, shame she wouldn’t let me inside…but Camilla said her house was so clean and tidy that my muddy paws might make a mess.

The team supped at the Keld Lodge, having had a lift down the road with Glenda, Camilla and I shoved into the boot of a Freelander, we got the best views of the Dales though.  The reports of the food sounded grand but there was a bit of a fuss from Camilla about the cheesecake (which wasn’t one) , she even left some and did not give it to me, saying…  “it wasn’t good enough for you Rufus”.

The walk through Swaledale was perfect for lolopping around in the buttercups. The wild flower meadows and valleys don’t come much prettier than these.  Tonnes of opportunities for me to take a splosh in the river and pose for my five thousand and first “Rufus lying in the river” shot, well I am very handsome so no worries there. 

The short/long road to Reeth

Hang on, lolloping and picture taking come to an abrupt halt as the team, having stopped for a Bodge (aka beer) at the pub in Gunnerside realised there were six miles left, a kick off with Germany and not enough time….good lord they can travel when they bother.

Phew we arrived, what a cracking day, stunning Yorkshire Dale scenary and all safely on time at the Black Bull, pints of Black Sheep all round please, hang on again, where is mine?  PS I did get a sausage for breakfast but nothing at all on the run from Keld to Reeth, really this is a bit unfair.  I cannot bring myself to write about the match or the carnage that ensued….best song indeed.

Guest writer here…The walk was easy, fairly short but fast, absolutely stunning in places so a shame to rush but football wouldn’t wait.  The match was a fiasco swiftly followed by an over indulgence in local ale, pool and a series of “this is the best song ever made” statements by Bodgster at the arrival of every new disk.  Annie potted a total of two balls and one of those was a white so she will not be joining the team in the future.  Anyway a 2 am finish for us, with an early start for Richmond possibly having been sabotaged…. a great day and a great night, shared with fellow C2C ers

It started early…Bodge with pint on Reeth green.

Swifty before the match

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  1. Glad all is going well … dispite the football. Hope you’ve recovered from your late night. I was feeling a bit hard-done-by today so treated myself to a bacon buttie … and thought of you (tee hee).
    Looking forward to you and Camilla returning home … John has become aware of my presence in the office and is acting accordingly – bringing me piles of files in anticipation of your mistress’ return. COME BACK SOON!

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