Its all about Cairns – Kirkby Stephen to Keld

The Jolly Farmer was a nice enough pad for a dog but without a bar and all our new walker friends it seems quiet….but not for long.  Over to guest writer now as I am fatigued.

Guest writer here…Kirkby Stephen is a metropolis after all the fells and farms left behind and Friday night was fish and chip night at the Black Bull ….. delicious, all washed down with Theakstons’ cracking Black Sheep ale.

Back on the trail and another long uphill climb to Nine Standards Rigg with a near 360 degree panorama towards the Lakes, Pennines and the Howgills, though the view to the Lakes was a little hazy due to the tropical conditions!!  Tonnes of dry stones cairns built no one knows when and no one knows who by…great views though.

Great views - long walk up

Over the top, all soft, velvety walking and down to what’s left of shepherd’s hut for our picnic, or Bodge’s Bar, as it widely becoming known and Rufus gets his half pork pie. 

Dropping down through Raven Seat and past the tempting scones and cream at the farm, the scenery softens in anticipations of tomorrow’s River Swale amble to Reeth. 

Raven Seat farm site of the best scones in Yorkshire surrounded by buttercups, footpath to Tan Hill, and a great vista of the hills.

Raven Seat Farm - scones, I got none....

The hen house for the eggs laid by the “happiest hens around” is a magnificent stone building, see pic!

Free range hens with a house the likes of which you have never seen

Not the most exciting scenary or the most difficult walking but another great day, 11 miles covered, pace average to good, enjoyment 100%.

Its all about the miles -Shap to Kirkby Stephen

This rock got in the way so Annie tries to move it...twit

I am beginning to love this walk, everyone knows who I am, they clearly think I am handsome and they want to feed me bits and bobs from their pockets, all good.  I make sure Camilla does not know. 

The adventure today was to be a good 20 mile trot and so I prepared myself with a grand sleep, tried to steal that steak pie but got spotted, disaster. 

We left behind the lakes and moved onto some easy walking…well it would have been easy if some horrid chocolate labrador at Sunbiggin Farm had not lept out of his back yard to attack me.  Can you imagine, why me, I am very easy going and very handsome.  Anyway Sunbiggin folk take charge of your dogs they almost ripped my ear off!  Here is a mug shot of your mate…

Wow, celebrity event, we happened upon Wallis and Gromit’s moon rocket en route.  I could not believe it.

The picnic was an event as always.  Bodge had his usual two pints, much to the disgust/jealousy/amazement of other travellers.  Comment of the day “not only do you drink on the walk but you go so fast…”  Well not quite true this time as having laughed at everyone else walking the wrong way Camilla, for the first time remembering the route she took two years ago charged off in the wrong direction.  Ah ha various of the travellers had spied us going wrong and chose not to alert the team….I do not blame them.

Moon rocket spotted on the way to Sunbiggin Tarn

This is where we got lost...

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