Its all about my birthday, I am three – Patterdale to Shap

Almost at Shap a detour to an 11th Century ruin

I am three today and I feel a bit peeved, the team have planned a very very long walk.  Yes that is right not a pie, not a few rabbits to chase, not something I would like but a walk up  a mountain, not impressed.  Still no boots either. 

Anyway breakfast was all right as the team have stolen a Cumberland from breakfast for me.  Looks a bit mis outside but rumour has it the weather is going to be fine so yes we have a 16 miler today, straight from Glenridding to Patterdale then up Kidsty Pike, one of the highest of our walk.  

We are off, the team are clearly on a mission the pace is very impressive but they do remember to have a look.  A long trek up a stony path and a bit of a downhiller and we pass Angle Tarn on the way, an absolute cracker, so I take a dip, thought Bodge might come swimming too as a birthday treat but no not even that….have they forgotten,  I want to go home.  (Actually I feel pretty dapper today after yesterday’s shorty but I am not going to make it obvious or they might do a sneaky walk up an alternative Wainwright called Rest Dodd.)

I am going to pass you over to guest writer now as I cannot be bothered to tell you all about the “views” and all that, I know there is a picnic and I might tell you about that later, if it is worth it….

Guest writer here.  Today is an important day as we will make our way to the end of the lakes, a very emotional experience for Wainwright as he describes here. 

“This is farewell to Lakeland, and farewells to Lakeland are always sad.  What follows is anti-climax – level walking instead of up and down, trees and fields lovely, yes, but not excitingly beautiful as the crossing of Lakeland has been stop.  Well, it is not too late to abandon the Coast to Coast idea and stay on in Patterdale.  There is nothing ahead as good, admittedly – the big fault of doing this walk in a West to East direction is that the best comes first.  Anyway please yourself.  Stay if you want to and I will carry on alone and no hard feelings.  You will think of something to tell the folks at home… mind, you might find yourself thinking in the next few days about Shap and the Limestone plateau beyond, and wondering what Swaledale is really like and whether the North York Moors are as attractive as people say.  You could have regrets.  And (lets be clear about this) you cant expect to get your money back for the book if you prefer not to continue the walk….Coming with me?  Good.  I thought you would.”

Guest Writer back.  The walk features some beautiful Tarn’s, a long but not challenging trek up to Kidsty Pike, waterfalls, a resevoir where there used to be a village, some lovely dry stone walls and an Abbey.   No huge challenges on the walk, a little cloud at the top of Kidsty Pike and Bodge almost leaping off, well pretending to and a lovely afternoon of sunshine for our picnic by the resevoir.  Bodge is becoming pretty famous on the walk, almost as renowned as Rufus.  “Ah you are the one that has a few beers at lunch…ah you are the one that puts us to shame by running down the mountains with your pack in one hand, ah you are the one that doesn’t wear a shirt…”  Even back at the Greyhound we had a few comments about “the professional walkers”.

We kept up a pretty good pace and made Shap to time, the Greyhound hotel has a good rep but our room is not of the first order.  We are confident that dinner will make up for that though and we are all so tired a tent and a cup of tea would have done. 

Anyway here are a few pics to keep you entertained.  Camilla will write a more elegant descripton of the landscape when showered!  Bodge is too busy watching the football.

Very misty and cold at the top but we made it so feel chipper

 Bit chilly at the top.  all wearing fleeces.


Picnic and a bit of a Wainwright recital

ALERT ALERT….Rufus here, I have told them once, twice now three times I want boots, I want feeding and I want more fun and fewer walks….Ha Ha well I got em.  Camilla ordered a greedy sized Steak and Ale Pie, as the waitress served it in I went, a stunning move.  Agile, silent and right to the point.  I GOT THE PIE…catch of the day to Rufus.  Well done me.  Happy Birthday handsome.

Rufus nabs Camilla's dinner .....

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